Blue Whale Facts That You Should Know About

We all know that blue whales are incredibly magnificent creatures of the Earth’s oceans and that they are the largest animal to have ever lived on Earth. But we might know too little about them. So, we have made a list of facts that you might find very interesting and knowledgeable.

Blue Whales have the Biggest Penis on Earth.

Don’t believe someone when they say it is all about the performance, and that size does not matter. Blue whales have the largest penises on Earth that could reach up to lengths of eight to ten feet long and a diameter that would reach 30 centimeters.

The blue whale’s penis would reach a weight that would range from 400 up to 1,000 lbs. That would be too much for anybody’s standards! But not for the female blue whales, though. What do you think of the first one? This is only the first of the many blue whale facts in this article.

Blue Whales are Pretty “Ballsy”

Now that we’ve talked about the largest penis of the animal kingdom, blue whales also have very large testicles. Their testicles can weigh up to 150 pounds per testicle, although that is not something to be amazed as they are literally the largest creature on the planet. They can even produce seven gallons of sperm, and four of which are ejaculated during intercourse.

Blue Whales Don’t Have Teeth.

Yes, blue whales do not have any teeth. But instead of teeth, they have these plates called baleen plates, which are stacked up very close to one another, and they have a range of 270 to 395 plates inside their mouth. This enables the animal to feed by trapping the krills inside when they swallow a large quantity of water.

Blue Whales Only Have Two Predators

Even with their sheer size, blue whales are still preyed on by just two other animals. The first animal is the killer whale. They are the sole animal that has ever been recorded to have ever attacked a blue whale, and just to think about that killer whales are almost six times smaller than a blue whale. They are only able to hunt down blue whales when they are in groups.

The second animal is humans. Yes, we are the reason why blue whales are now considered to be endangered and are already under the Endangered Species Act, although there are various organizations such as the NOAA Fisheries and others who are set on restoring and preserving blue whales worldwide.

Blue Whales Used to Have Legs

Blue whales once walked the face of the Earth around 50 million years ago. Imagine the largest animal to roam free on the land, but the good news though is that they only have their eyes on krills. But for survival reasons, they have adapted for safety reasons and that there is more food in the ocean compared to the land.

They may have lost the ability to walk on land; they still have their pelvises but are extremely small and are disproportionate to the size of their bodies. For millions of years of evolving and adapting, they were still able to keep it, though it only measures around a foot long.


We are sure that this is the first time that you have read and known about these facts. What do you think about them? Aren’t blue whales magnificent creatures? We think you would really love to own one, huh? If only we would be able to supply all the necessary things like food and a place for them, we would surely take one in.

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