Natural or synthetic hair extensions, which one is more suitable?

One of the most difficult decisions when buying hair extensions is choosing between synthetic or natural hair extensions. What to do?

Many buyers, especially beginners, are often confused about this. They do not know how to decide which type of hair is more convenient or better for their needs and economy.

We can also add that many sellers of extensions are not truthful or transparent. They offer bad information, not with the user in mind, but to sell. Sellers will often try to deceive you in order to get a better sales commission, that’s how it is.

You will probably want to know the characteristics and usual price ranges for both types of extensions, natural and artificial.

It is important to understand that when talking about synthetic hair there are different qualities. 

The production technology of synthetic strands has improved a lot in recent years. We can say that today, in 2021, synthetic hair is much better than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

However, despite all the advancement in the industry, still the best quality synthetic hair does not compete with the quality offered by natural hair extensions. So far, real human hair is irreplaceable as a product.

Real hair extensions are more durable and you can dye them, bleach them, tone them, frizz them….

It is also important to know that within the wide range of human hair there are different qualities. Standard strands are usually of medium quality and have a good, correct appearance. Then, the industry processes them with chemicals to remove cuticles and they are also coated with a silicone base that protects them for a while.

The two main differences between real human hair and synthetic hair lie in two fundamental aspects: price and quality.

Synthetic hair is produced in factories that mix between 10 and 15 chemicals, as well as flexible plastics, to achieve something very similar to human hair. But it is not human hair. The lower quality man-made fibers tend to have a plastic look, while the better quality ones look very much like human hair, in luster and texture. But “look alike” is not the same as “are the same”.

Real human hair, on the other hand, is 100% real human hair, that is, hair that has not undergone chemical or mechanical transformation processes. Natural hair is usually much more expensive but guarantees quality and longevity.

However, many women choose synthetic hair over real human hair for a very simple reason: the price difference. 

For a handful of dollars you can buy bundles of synthetic hair on eBay, Amazon and many other e-commerce sites. Of course, there is also more expensive, better quality synthetic hair from premium brands.

For a long time natural hair has been considered a more expensive product, and it is. However, in recent years we have found more supply at increasingly competitive prices.

Artificial or synthetic extensions are cheaper but you will have to renew them more frequently. When we think about saving time and money we must consider these facts.

You should consider yourself lucky if you are able to wear synthetic extensions for more than two months. Artificial fibers are not made to last long, that’s the truth. 

In contrast, real hair extensions, even the lowest quality ones, at least double the life expectancy of synthetic fibers. If properly cared for, natural hair can extend its lifespan considerably. This is a great advantage, not to mention that aesthetically it also makes a difference. High-quality real human hair can last up to 24 months.

Can synthetic hair be curled or styled? The answer is, sometimes. Some new synthetic fibers, of recent technology, tend to be somewhat resistant to the application of heat. This ability allows us to modify its texture but with limits. Remember that, in essence, synthetic fibers are plastic material. What happens to plastic when exposed to high temperatures?

The same is not true for natural hair. Human hair extensions can be curled or straightened because they are more resistant to the application of heat. There are virtually no limitations to achieve textures in real hair extensions. However, if you want to take care of your real hair extensions, don’t overdo it with heat and changes. Every texture change means shortening the life of the strands.

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