4 effective methods to grow attendance at your next yoga and meditation workshop

Yoga might be thousands of years old, but many people are just now discovering its benefits. In fact, the number of people in the U.S. who practice yoga grew by over 50% in the past few years! If you want to take advantage of yoga’s rise in popularity, it might be time to start marketing. Here are four proven strategies for promoting your next yoga and meditation workshop.

Go old-school with yoga flyers

The internet might be the “latest and greatest” when it comes to marketing, but it can’t replace every old-school marketing method. There’s still one promotional technique that’s great for reaching potential new customers in your area: flyers.

Flyers are still an effective marketing strategy for two main reasons. First, they can catch someone’s eye while they’re out in the real world. And second, flyers are almost unbeatable for targeting people in a specific location. You know anyone who sees your flyer is from the area, meaning they’ll be more likely to attend your yoga and meditation workshop than someone from another state or country.

But before you go and hang loose leaf pages with some scribbles on them around town, make sure you use eye-catching designs for your flyers. Your marketing flyers are a representation of your brand, so they need to look good!

You’re busy running a yoga studio and probably don’t have time to design amazing graphics from the ground up. Luckily, there are dozens of templates for yoga posters online from websites like PosterMyWall. Just choose the template that best fits your brand, fill in your information, and you’re ready to print!

Get social on social media

Marketing is all about putting your message in a place where your ideal audience spends their time. In 2023, that place is typically social media. According to research, over 70% of the U.S. population uses some sort of social media.

 Start accounts for your yoga and meditation business on a few different social media platforms. The more you make, the more people you’ll reach! But be sure to understand how to use the platform before you start posting. For example, don’t post short-form videos on YouTube (unless they’re for YouTube Shorts) or waste your time with text-only posts on Instagram.

And just like with your flyers, make sure all your posts are high-quality and really showcase what your yoga and meditation workshops are about. With millions of posts uploaded to social media every day, there’s some tough competition if you want to stand out! You can even use some of the graphics you created for your flyers to post to your various social media accounts.

Email marketing never goes out of style

Email might be the oldest form of internet communication, but it’s still a powerhouse in the marketing world. Did you know email has one of the highest average returns on investment of any marketing method? The average email marketing campaign earns $36 for every $1 spent!

Why is email so powerful? Because it’s a great way to keep up with people who already know and like your business. Typically, you collect email addresses from people who are already curious about your yoga and meditation workshops. When you send them an email about your next workshop, they’re more likely to sign up because they’ve already shown an interest.

The key to effective email marketing efforts is to maintain and grow your contact list. Ask people in your workshops for their email addresses, add a newsletter signup sheet to your website, and promote your contact form on social media. The more email addresses you collect, the better!

Then, be sure to send out regular email updates reminding your subscribers about your latest workshops.

Everyone loves a referral bonus

One of the best marketing tools to generate new business is likely stretching right in front of you. Your workshop attendees all have friends and family. What if you could entice them to bring people they know to your next workshop!?

Referral bonuses are an effective way to get new students into your workshops. Just tell your current workshop attendees that they can get a discount on the next workshop they attend if they bring someone with them. If everyone in your workshop brought one other person, your next workshop would be twice as large!

Make your next yoga and meditation workshop the biggest yet

If you want to teach healthiness and mindfulness to the world, you need people to come to your workshops. The best way to generate more business for your next yoga and meditation workshop is to hang beautiful flyers around town, promote your business on social media, send plenty of marketing emails, and offer a referral bonus for your current attendees.

When all your marketing efforts work together, your next yoga and meditation workshop will undoubtedly be the most successful one yet!

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