Has COVID-19 destroyed your business’s hope for growth in 2020?

Covid-19 has truly turned the world of business upside down. Before, you may have been working in an office or have run a shop that was open to the UK public. However, the UK lockdown has meant that the majority of the public could no longer visit these businesses in order to protect them from getting ill. So, now that we are passed the first wave and you are thinking about re-opening your business, you may be at a crossroads. Has Covid-19 created an opportunity for future growth or has it completely destroyed it? We believe that it is an opportunity to try out some new business marketing techniques! Not to mention that starting a business nowadays is easy like 1-2-3. Just select a favorite LLC formation company (you can compare them on and you’re ready to go in a day or two!

Remote working

Honestly, it is quite old-fashioned to think that your workers belong in an office. Nowadays, flexible working can help your workers feel relaxed by working from any environment that suits them. It can help them save on extra costs and feel comfortable to work in their home or any other type of environment. Happy workers mean that they will work harder for your business. All you need is a VPN to allow your staff to access their files and use special equipment. Keeping updated about your staff and helping them keep in contact with clients and customers can be extremely easy. For instance, you could use unified communications by Gamma to get you started.

SEO and website maintenance

It’s important that you see the pandemic as an opportunity to improve your website and try to grow your audience. Move your sales opportunities to the internet and focus on growing your online image. Employing the right SEO techniques can move your sales page to page one of Google’s search list. This should help you continue your businesses growth in 2020 because you will be attracting more people to scroll through your brand’s website. Make sure that your website has been keep updated with the latest information and that it is mobile friendly. That way you can make sure that you can keep your clients interested in your website. In other words, it will lower the bounce rate of your website as less people will click away from it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by web development and SEO, you could also contact your local digital marketing agency. Professional agencies boast a wealth of experience in search engine optimisation and web development. They will be able to guide you through a digital strategy tailored to the needs of you and your business.

Communication additions

Of course, to impress your future clientele, you will want to focus on the methods of communicating with them. Even if your workers cannot be in the office because of Covid-19, if you give them the right tools to help them with sales, it is very likely that they will still be able to do their jobs and continue to grow the business. Consider the different communication options at your disposal. Yes, you can use online calls or text messaging via your phone, but you may also want to consider video calls to make people feel like they are experiencing face-to-face communications.

For quicker communication, you can also install a chatbot or a live chat on your website. That way some of the simplest questions can already be installed and answered without your employees needing to get involved. Just remember to keep the bots well maintained and updated with the latest information about your company.

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