Top 5 Azure Courses For Beginners

With this increasing demand for Microsoft-Azure nowadays, there is never ever been the best time to get hold of the opportunity on account to acquire the platform along with training resources of Azure. Even though Microsoft Azure is not new, but still there is a high demand for its knowledge and its numerous resources that are continuously growing. Azure is basically the cloud-computing invention of Microsoft that took over the globe by a rainstorm. You might not aware of this, that Azure is the one which enfolds most of the regions all over the world as compared to any other well-known cloud provider. There are a huge number of industries that shifted to Azure, and for this reason, they want the professionals who have done courses in MS Azure. 

Top 5 Azure Courses For Beginners

There are several methods to get you prepared for the course of Azure. We presented these 5 basic courses for the beginners so that they can accomplish their goals.  

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

If a person is interested to acquire the whole elementary knowledge of cloud computing as well as wants to know the usage of Microsoft Azure, then this is the right course for them i.e. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals! As in that particular course, a person would come to know about Subscription of Azure and its infrastructure and cloud computing. You would have mastery in dealing with SQL databases, generate computer-generated machines, and make web applications. 

This course is mainly aimed at the data-base managers, supervisors of system, and for the designers. If you are planning to get a certification in M-C-S-A Cloud Platform, it is suggested for you that you should take this course immediately. On the other side, there is not any exam, one just needs to obtain Azure fundamentals training. However, one has to take this training at first if you have any plans in future to implement MS Azure- Solutions.

Microsoft- Azure Developer

This course of Microsoft-Azure Developer would provide assistance to learn a thorough and detailed understanding of Azure that would help you to become a developer. On the way to achieve this certification course, a person is required to go through MCSA Website Apps Certification, MS-40365, and Learning path of Azure Fundamentals. If a person is database supervisor, designer, or a manager of the system, the learning path of Microsoft Azure Developer would assist you to learn further skills; these skills would help you out to give your best at your workplace. This course would also train you with such skills that are required to design and organize a multi-cloud approach.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

This course helps the Professional of Information Technology to deal with their subscriptions of Azure, generate and scale computer generated machines, execute storage resolutions, organize cybernetic networking, support and share the data, link with Azure and on-premises websites. It also handles network circulation, executes Azure Active Index, protects identities, and observe your solution. 

This course is mainly for the Administrators of Azure. Azure Managers deals with the cloud services that span storing, networking, and work out with cloud capabilities, with an in-depth knowledge of every single service throughout the entire lifecycle of IT. They took the requests of end-user for newest cloud apps and give approvals on facilities to utilize for best enactment and scale, along with provision, dimension, observe and adjust as suitable. This part demands communication and coordination along with sellers. Azure Portal is utilized by the Azure administrator training associates.

Microsoft Azure Data Professionals

In general, this certification course is a perfect learning model for the ones who are familiar with data-analysis and data-base development, though are interested to get more knowledge about the platform of Azure. This learning path will help you to get into a career in data science. Microsoft Azure Data Professionals course would assist you to acquire to explore the data through Phoenix, SQL, and Hive, acquire about S-Q-L data store, make solutions with Apache Storm, take knowledge about services and tools of Azure, and make you aware with the usage of Azure S-Q-L data store.

Microsoft Azure Security Compliance

This Microsoft Azure course is designed for the professionals of Information Technology who are familiar with identity authentication and Windows server environment. Professionals who are interested to get knowledge of cloud services as well as identity services; this is the best course to avail it. You would be able to differentiate among Active-Directory (A-D) and Azure A-D, how to organize multi-factor authentication and the process of Azure A-D. Other than this, you would also acquire Microsoft Azure’s security and privacy.


Microsoft is known as the topmost largest players in today’s market of the cloud with approx. 30.5% workload of application throughout the cloud market. If a person is planning to start his career in the field of Microsoft Azure and their technologies, so it is extremely recommended to choose any of the Azure course which we mentioned earlier. Many companies are quickly implementing the cloud services of Microsoft Azure as there is an increase in demand for certified Azure professionals.

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