Reasons For The Growing Popularity of Online Personal Training

Exercising and leading an active lifestyle have long been an integral component of remaining healthy and maintaining physical fitness. Numerous individuals find that exercise improves their confidence and stamina. But how do you fit in this routine in your busy schedules? These days, you can accomplish a lot behind a computer or push of a button. Ever heard of online personal training sessions? The popularity of online exercise classes surged to new heights during the lockdown as gym-goers strived to maintain their fitness levels. Fast forward to 2024, this popularity has only grown, meaning that online personal training is here to stay. 

The online personal training sector in the United Kingdom is undergoing considerable growth and offers aspiring fitness professionals and trainers a treasure trove of opportunities. Imagine a world where attaining your fitness objectives becomes a customised and empowering journey steered by a specialist who understands your specific needs and ambitions. In this read, we will explore the reasons behind this surge in popularity and the invaluable role of online personal training in transforming people’s lives. 

What Is Online Personal Training?

What constitutes online personal training may differ from trainer to trainer or site to site. Nevertheless, it’s just as it sounds. Users are provided with a bespoke training program to execute in their homes, hotel rooms, gyms, and more without needing trainer supervision according to Personal Trainer Online. This may prove to be a deal breaker for certain individuals as the whole reason for getting into a personal training program is the personal appeal, after all. However, online personal training comes with numerous benefits, including cost and convenience, which explains its popularity surge. 

The Emergence of Online Training

The advent of the digital revolution has greatly facilitated online personal training, enabling instructors to impart their knowledge to clients across the world and transcend geographical limitations. Although the benefits and results of online personal training may be unique to every individual, here are some of the top reasons it has received massive traction.

Convenience and Flexibility

The increase in the need for remote training alternatives has fuelled the exponential growth of online personal training. This is largely due to its flexibility and convenience. With the option to train from any location, individuals don’t need to worry about carving out time to visit their local gym or about the operational hours of a local brick-and-mortar personal training studio. This implies you can incorporate your workout anywhere in your schedule, regardless of how hectic or busy you are.

Additionally, online training is ideal for individuals who are constantly on the move, those who travel frequently, and those who are looking for a more cost-effective alternative to traditional training. Instead of scheduling a couple of hours with a trainer in advance, a user can easily log in and begin their workout session when they wish. 

Cost Effective

Online PT is considerably cheaper compared to in-person training. You will be given a free initial consultation in most online PT. This isn’t the case when it comes to in-person training, as you’ll be expected to conduct your research and pay the stipulated consultation fee when you approach an in-person personal trainer. What’s more, the actual sessions are considerably lower, too. Averagely, in-person 1-1 personal training can range from £25.00-100.00 per hour.

Online PT will enable individuals to save on commuting costs and gym memberships. You will be able to receive the same in-person service from anywhere you are, eliminating the need for costly gym memberships. Not travelling to and from the training studio or gym can also save money on commuting. Therefore, online personal training is beneficial not only for your body but also for your pocket. 

Access to Any Trainer

Online personal training offers a pool of multiple trainers to choose from without the limitations of location. You have access to different online personal training professionals ready to impart their knowledge. These trainers can have different specialities, be it long-distance running, weightlifting, or Pilates. This suggests you can select a trainer who offers an exercise plan that best fits your objectives. Having multiple experts ensures that you cover a broad range of workout plans instead of a situation where one PT attempts to deliver all the services on their own. 

Technological Advancements

Technological advancements over recent years have greatly enhanced the online personal training experience. Instructors employ technological advancements to provide immersive virtual coaching experiences that are exceptional quality results-wise. Wearables and video conferencing software provide more engaging sessions, real-time feedback, and progress tracking. Using all these applications in tandem makes the online training experience similar to in-person training.

Other developments that will be fundamental to the future of online personal training include:

-Continued Technology Integration: Trainers like will be able to leverage wearable technology, mobile apps, and advanced fitness tracking devices to keep track of client progress, analyse performance metrics, and give real-time feedback.

-Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Applications: AR and VR technologies have great potential in the online personal training spectrum. Instructors will be able to develop engaging and immersive training experiences and simulate various scenarios and environments to improve user motivation and engagement.

-AI: Artificial intelligence will change the personal training approach by offering customised coaching and recommendations based on personal goals and analytics. AI algorithms can review user personal information, biometrics, and preferences to provide bespoke workout plans.

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