Fun Science Experiments You Can do at Home

Sometimes, having your children at home during the holidays can be stressful. And sometimes, it seems as though there aren’t enough hours in the day in order to keep them entertained while also trying to do something fun. If you have exhausted all the notoriously ‘fun’ activities- then a great thing to do is create your own science experiments from the comfort of your own home. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top science experiments that you can do at home.

Using Teabags as Mini Rockets:

A great experiment that can keep you entertained for hours and only uses a small amount of household objects is using teabags as a mini rocket. The science works as you set the teabag alight, hot air will rise and the teabags will launch into the air like mini rockets! However, it’s definitely a good idea to do this outside, as you don’t want to risk setting your house alight.

Making Magic Milk:

Another mini-kitchen science experiment involves milk, dish soap and food colouring. Simply place a few drops of milk in a small and shallow bowl filled with milk. Then, add a few drops of dish soap to either a Q-tip or a toothpick, and the minute you touch the food colouring- the milk will start swirling around and different colours will begin to illuminate. This is because of surface tension, and as a chemical reaction happens between the food colouring and the dish soap, it becomes obvious on the white surface of the milk.

The Mould Experiment:

It’s a scientific experiment as old as time- and is one we were all doing throughout our time at school. It may seem like a little bit of silly, science fun, but the mould experiment is an insightful (and slightly gross) experiment that will keep your children engaged. Placing slices of bed in Ziplock bags, add different sauces or additives (for example salt or vinegar) to the bread, and each day you will be able to see how they react to the bread and produce mould.

Home Made Lava Lamp:

Another great science experiment to do at home is to create a homemade lava lamp. All you need is vegetable oil, and an Alka-Seltzer tablet. By mixing these together in a glass, you will be able to see how everything bubbles up and creates an almost lava-lamp aesthetic.

Baking Soda Volcano:

When lava erupts from a volcano, it’s arguably one of the coolest and most interesting geological explosions- and for some reason, it seems to be a huge interest of children. An easy way to replicate and recreate this is to add vinegar to some baking soda. This will produce a reaction as the vinegar will create carbon dioxide gas- and cause the volcano to erupt.

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