Standing Tall: 5 Facts About the German Shepherd That You Should Know About

One of the best pets you can have is a german shepherd. They’re big, intimidating, fast, intelligent, and loyal. Due to their intelligence and speed, they were historically used as potent anti-tank weapons and messengers. Alternatively, german shepherds also functioned as “Mercy dogs.”

Mercy dogs were trained to deliver first aid to fallen soldiers. In case the wounds were too much for first aid treatment, the dogs were trained to stay next to the soldier to keep them company until help arrives or if the soldier would succumb to his injuries. These dogs are still used in military and police operations.

German Shepherds were almost exclusively used by the German army in the first world war, thanks to Max von Stephanitz, a well-known dog breeder during the late 1890s. Max is the one responsible for setting up the guidelines and standards of the breed. The motto of Max’s guidelines were: “Utility and Intelligence.”

Today, german shepherds are still providing service to the military and police all over the world. Aside from their fieldwork, german shepherds are quite loved by families because of their gentleness towards children and loyalty. If you enjoy reading german shepherd facts, here are some more:

It’s Normal for German Shepherd Pups to Have Floppy Ears

Most of the time, first-time pet owners often worry about the ears of their german shepherd pups. Instead of having that intimidating and pointed look, most pups have floppy, dropping ears. It’s often normal for puppies to have floppy ears when they’re teething.

As your dog’s teeth gradually develop, it extracts more calcium, which then causes softer ear tissue. The puppy’s ears will gradually point up, as they’re about to end their teething stage, which usually lasts around 16-20 weeks.

There Six German Shepherd Color Variations

The typical german shepherds are often brown and black. However, there are other colors that other german shepherds have. Some dogs can be grey, black and silver, tan and black, or more surprisingly, reddish and black. There is also a rare german shepherd variety having a liver-colored coat.

Rin Tin Tin

If Border Collies have Lassie and St. Bernards have Beethoven, German Shepherds have Rin Tin Tin. Rin Tin Tin was a famous german shepherd that acted in silent films. His owner, Duncan Lee, was an American soldier during the first world war where he rescued the dog. The dog was so famous that it was rumored to have won the first-ever Oscar award and was instead passed over because he wasn’t a human being.

German Shepherds Can Live up to 13 Years

A german shepherd’s life expectancy is about 9 to 13 years. The longest living german shepherd, however, reportedly lived up to 18 years. Due to their size and weight, german shepherds often encounter health problems such as hip dysplasia, hemophilia, and, most notably, diabetes. Make sure to take care of your dogs by exercising them, providing adequate water, giving high-quality food, supplements, and routine visits to your veterinarian.

German Shepherds Run Fast

Compared to Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man at 43 kph, a german shepherd can run much faster at 50 kph. Their speed is why police forces across the globe have german shepherds in their K-9 units.

Aside from their speed, german shepherds have an incredibly strong bite. With proper training, a german shepherd police dog can chase down and even drag criminals with their speed and strength. German shepherds are extremely responsive to their handler’s commands and will not let go if they’re not told to.


German Shepherds are well-loved all over the world. Whether it’s a police force somewhere in the Philippines or a family living in Serbia, german shepherds are welcome additions no matter where they are. Known for their speed, intelligence, and loyalty, these dogs are excellent companions to have.

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