Best Ways To Counteract Muscle Soreness

Going to the gym may seem great at the time, and you may feel pumped afterward. But it’s when you wake up the next day, unable to raise your arms or get out of your seat because of muscle soreness, that you realise that you might have made a mistake. If you want to help ease the soreness of your muscles, keep reading to find out how you can remedy it.


CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, but the psychoactive properties have been removed so you don’t feel any type of high when taking it. There are lots of suggested benefits of taking CBD, from reducing anxiety to helping you sleep. But one of the most common reasons people take it is for potential pain relief. There are lots of different types of CBD available and you might look at using a topical cream or oil. Companies like Zeal CBD have plenty of variations and strengths to choose from too.

The idea behind using CBD for muscle soreness is that a topical cream could penetrate the skin, and the CBD compound can feed into your muscles, possibly helping them to relax. The same goes for the oil. By taking it orally, the CBD can enter your body and hopefully reduce the pain in your muscles. There is still little research into how effective CBD is, so the benefits aren’t guaranteed. But a lot of people have said that they’ve found it a suitable pain relief when it comes to treating their muscles.

Warmup And Cooldown

One of the best preventative measures for muscle soreness is to ensure you properly prepare your body for exercise. If you’ve been working in an office all day, your muscles will be quite tight and stiff, so heading straight to the gym and exerting them can cause damage. Similarly, when you finish your exercise, you want to ensure you stretch and relax your muscles. Cooling down after a workout will make sure your muscles can properly recover.


If your muscle soreness is getting too much, a massage can do wonders. Massaging your muscles helps to reduce inflammation in the body, which will prevent you from feeling sore the next day. So, even if you aren’t feeling that dreaded tightness yet, a post-workout massage could be a good solution to stopping the pain before it gets a chance to start.

Hot And Cold

Heat may seem like an obvious choice to treat muscle soreness, as it’s one of the most common remedies. It helps to increase your circulation to an area which can reduce the pain. However, did you know that reaching for an ice pack can also potentially help you? Try mixing up your method by switching between hot and cold. If you’ve ever bumped your head, what’s the first thing you reach for to help? An ice pack. They’re great for reducing swelling and can also numb an area pretty fast. You could take it one step further and attempt an ice bath, but these definitely aren’t for the faint of heart!

Get Your Snooze On

Your muscles need to recover and if they don’t, they become sore and painful. Our body needs sleep to help this process along, so if you’re not getting enough sleep each night, your muscles can be more likely to become inflamed.

Combatting muscle soreness can be a tricky business, especially when you still have to go about your day, wincing each time you have to get out of your chair. But, as with most things, it’s always best to try and prevent it in the first place. This isn’t always possible, and sometimes you may do everything properly and still strain a muscle too far. Try a combination of methods and see what works best for you and you’ll soon be leaping out of bed each morning feeling refreshed and ready for your next session.

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