What Is The Role Of Telemedicine in Patients’ Safety And In Declining Medical Errors?

In the era of the pandemic, where people learn to live with gadgets and technologies. People are prone to get better alone. They avoid doctors visits and regular check-ups because it alters the fear inside of deadly viruses.

While the discussion we are going to do today is on patients’ safety, how telemedicine plays its role in dealing with the patient’s safety. Traditional methods of medicines are better and efficient but sometimes it feels time-consuming.

Why Telemedicine?

Telemedicine gives more benefits in the healthcare industry, Telemedicine has increased their autonomy and focus in the health industry. Web-based solutions are provided with biometric measures, appropriate medications and care.

Telehealth is the use of technologies and digital solutions, consisting of laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. to access the patients’ health and other beneficiaries.

To understand this concept more, we can discuss one example, note the situation where you are a diabetic patient and what you should do for the normal checkups? Following are the things:

  • Download the application for consecutive diets.
  • You could have seen the blogs and videos related to carbohydrates and sugar intake.
  • You would have downloaded the application for the retina to do regular checkups rather than going to the hospitals and standing in the queue for a long time.
  • You use an app for the diet, and future intakes, and how much insulin one needs.
  • The application reminds you of the regular intake of medicines, food and necessary test reports.
  • Telemedicine makes healthcare accessible to remote areas and communities.

What Are the Key Benefits Of Telemedicine?

  • Patients’ portal

The patient’s first aid box is the online portal, connecting to the doctor and nurse immediately when you need help. The doctors are connected to large associations, any specialists can help you out of the situation.

  • Virtual appointments

Some doctors or treatments if not available on an urgent basis, then virtual assessments help the people to get treated. With the help of applications, it is possible to access healthcare from any point of the world.

  • Remote monitoring 

The technologies help people to monitor the health report in the meantime. The web-based systems/ mobile apps upload information such as blood sugar, glucose and saves the record of the screening.

As there is recently in the news that, for detection of eye problems and retina checkups of the premature, screening method was used which is a type of  telemedicine method and it is a very useful way till today.

  • Personal health applications

Personal health applications serve as a personal assistant that keeps patients reminding all the things like taking medicines on time, taking water intake and other mandatory items on time.

It stores the personal health information with a recording of vital signs, calculating and tracking the caloric value and scheduling the reminders for medicines and appointments. Record the physical activity such as your daily step count.

As we can see both the perspective from the patients’ point of view and from the physicians’ point of view.

Telemedicine applications use the certification process to certify the doctor, so the trust issues among the users will not take place.

What is the potential of telehealth? How is it useful in patients’ safety?

 Technology in healthcare has more potential nowadays than the offline platform as it serves remote care to the patients. The system and innovations make it more approachable for the people.

During the covid, people have cured many illnesses with the help of telemedicine apps and experienced virtual healthcare that is very sustainable and useful. People understand the use of technology can be done with time-saving and money-saving.

Well discussing the case of patient safety, in that case let us imagine the case, where a pateints went to the hospital for a normal check up and got infected with novel coronavirus!!! Instead a patient can just sit back and relax, using the telemedicine application for the small illnesses can save him/her from the infusion!

Furthermore, in this way telemedicine is used to make life better without getting infected. 

How does it help in declining medical errors?

In case of declining the medical errors, well’ medical errors are predefined not

considered to happen, because the public trusted the doctors more than the divine power. Telemedicine applications help in a way of keeping the records and suggesting things in a careful way.

The errors mostly happen in case of entering the data, data can shuffle on because it’s done manually, the errors can be less if telemedicine is used, because it interpret data well and maintains the record.

Way forward for the telemedicine:

The model of health provides virtual care and healing in the prospective knowledge of medications, treatments and other recommendations on the illnesses. It will grow in the services of telecardiology, telepediatrics, telepsychiatry, and teleneonatology care.


Among the other benefits, telemedicine serves the people with data security and data management by keeping recordings and providing healthcare. People in remote areas are the major beneficiaries of the availability of technology.

An application like a white-label telemedicine app will help out patients more in doctor consultation, doctor scheduling, and medications. The incremental growth is seen after the pandemic time, and it is increasing the future demand for the betterment of the healthcare industry. Telehealth and telemedicine have the potential to provide more care if the patient can subscribe to the applications and can pay for personal care.

Telemedicine has substantially grown to the remotest part of the country, and developing countries play a vital role in defining telemedicine. We see a better future of telemedicine indeed.

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