Ways to Make a Student Accommodation Eco-friendly

Due to the rising temperature, melting of ice caps, and ozone depletion, sustainability has become a very popular and hot topic in the world right now. This is for a good reason because if you don’t start doing something now then it will be quite late to save this planet and everyone on it. The governments of various countries around the world have started setting goals to rapidly reduce emissions so that the carbon footprint reduces which in turn will help in fighting this situation.

But not just the governments’, universities are among those being urged to take action as well. There are various ways in which several institutions are helping in reducing the carbon footprint.

The purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) that are known for offering a nice place to stay for university students are coming up with various solutions to help fight climate change and promote sustainable living.

The importance of sustainability in the accommodation sector is clear because it will not only help in saving the environment but also help these modern-age homes in reducing their operating costs.

There are several things that can be done by these private student accommodation providers to make their accommodations environmentally friendly.

  1. Save Water

Many of us think that there is a lot of water available on this planet because we have studied that water covers 71% of the earth’s surface. But if you think that this is a lot of water, then sorry my friends you’re wrong. Most of this is present in oceans, seas, and bays which are quite salty and non-usable for daily use. So, it is requested that you should not leave the tap on whilst brushing your teeth or washing up.

Many modern luxury student accommodation have incorporated the latest technology to save water and reuse it as well for various purposes. They use water flow restrictors or low-flow showerheads to reduce the flow of water. Also, there are new faucets that have sensors inbuilt to automatically switch on and off the tap. The discharging water can be used in the plants or somewhere else so that it doesn’t get waste.

  1. Energy-Saving Appliances

Energy conservation is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and also save some money on utilities. There is a huge amount of energy used to generate electricity and this energy comes from coal, water, and other resources. The generation process is not always eco-friendly so the higher the amount of energy produced the higher is its negative impact. Therefore it is a good idea to use clean energy like solar which produces electricity by using the rays of the sun.

Also, the accommodations should use modern appliances that are energy efficient thereby reducing the use of electricity. Intelligent home appliances allow people to make the best use of the available energy like smart LEDs which automatically gets switched off if there is no one in the room. Most of the appliances have become smart and energy-efficient nowadays. They can be switched on and off remotely while sitting anywhere and also keep a tab on the energy consumption.

  1. Reduce Waste

Waste reduction should be the norm of every student housing, whether it is a luxury Student Accommodation or a shared student accommodation. Every house should follow the right waste hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle. Although recycling is apparently the easiest way to feel like you are staying environmentally conscious, the best thing you can do is create less waste wherever possible. Many countries are facing a potential waste crisis as they continue to run out of landfills.

So, every new student housing should start using these methods and also involve waste composting because it will help the waste you throw to decompose and return to earth. For those properties that don’t have an open area like a garden can use bins and start composting. Later this compost can be put in the soil of nearby gardens or parks.

So, these are a few things that every student housing should incorporate into their building along with few other simple things like providing rewards for appropriate energy usage, recycling, and less waste production.

There are already some homes that are quite environmentally friendly and as per me are the best student accommodation because they are working towards an eco-friendly future. There are many PBSA available in different cities across the world. They are quite popular amongst students because they offer a wide range of room types such as studios, en-suites, apartments, and more. They are mostly located close to the city centre and the university campus so that students can reach their university on time as well as enjoy their social life. With global warming causing a lot of damage to the environment and changing the weather it is time to take a step for a better tomorrow.

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