How Does a Virtual Job Fair Benefits Organizations Worldwide

It is high time to upgrade your recruitment practices to hunt top talent from around the world. Wondering why? Covid-19 is a good enough reason to discourage in-person gatherings of people at a physical location. As digital technological innovations now drive the world, organizations should move their hiring processes to online platforms. Many reputable companies relied on online and virtual recruitment practices before the pandemic. Likewise, a virtual job fair helps you score that perfect candidate for your organization. The global reach of your virtual employee hunt will get remote candidates to apply for the job role. These candidates may prove to be a better fit for your organization with understanding your company culture, business vision, and goals.

What is a Virtual Job Fair?

A virtual hiring event is an online experience of an in-person/traditional job fair. Here, employers formally conduct their hiring processes online over a virtual events platform. Then, they use live engagement tools and job matching algorithms to hire the best fit for the company. Actually, an online job fair is a two-way approach. Firstly, it helps businesses around the world to broadcast their recruitment needs, post-job roles, and recruiting criteria. Second, it facilitates them to look for the most eligible candidates from across the globe.

Moreover, organizations save time and money by recruiting candidates without compromising hiring targets or talent quality. But, on the other hand, it brings global job seekers in light with sparkling resumes. It is, therefore, the first choice of organizations worldwide to hire candidates through an online hiring platform. So, read the guide to learn more about hosting a virtual job fair and its underlined benefits.

Let us check how virtual job fairs are beneficial for organizations worldwide.

Key Benefits offered by Virtual Job Fairs

Improved Hiring Solution

A virtual events platform changes the entire course of recruitment. The enriched features of a virtual platform diminish the need to go through a tiring resume collection with lots of paperwork. Instead, virtual job fair features enable employers to sift through resumes submitted at the online event booths. These smart resume search features enable employers to extract potential resumes through percentage-wise job matching algorithms. These selected criteria help reach the relevant candidates within a matter of seconds. On the whole, the job matching features prove to be effective and efficient for employers and candidates alike.

Effective Global Reach

An online job fair helps you connect with remote talent waiting for a good opportunity. Whereas, with a physical job fair, you only interact with regional applicants who might not be the best fit for the role. Well, reputed organizations do not compromise on building a resource team. Therefore, they prefer to put job postings on an online platform accessible for global job seekers. That is how organizations gain a competitive edge in a global market, which helps them win effective global reach.

Increased Visitor Participation

An online job fair attracts a large number of visitors to your event. The platform allows easy access to the event by registering and joining from the comfort of home with a laptop or mobile device. Regardless of the location or time constraints, attendees easily connect to the event remotely and benefit the most. Therefore, a virtual job fair encourages more participation at the event.

Accessible Candidate Profiles

These events benefit exhibitors with tons of candidate profiles from diverse backgrounds and vast skill sets. Candidate profiles are accessible to exhibitors residing at the fair to make an informed decision about the hirings. Either they shortlist candidates right at the event and interview them or walk home with tons of impressive candidate profiles for elaborative current or future hiring needs. Indeed, these accessible candidate profiles are the core asset of exhibitors at the virtual job fair.

Cost-Effective Approach

Compared to traditional in-person events, a virtual job fair is miraculously cost-effective. These events do not require a physical venue. There is no need to travel to a location or for an extensive staff to operate the event. Instead, you can pull off a big virtual event with a couple of recruiters on board(If you expect a short number of applicants). Another advantage is that you get to save on food or refreshment when connecting individuals over the internet. All you need is a fast internet connection with quick browsers operating on a laptop or mobile device.

Effective Time-Saving Approach

Organizing an in-person job fair can take months of planning and execution. From booking a physical venue to marketing the event to a global pool of candidates, in-person events get overwhelming. Contrary to this, a virtual job fair can go live quickly and easily. It might take less than an hour to set up a complete virtual fair with recruiter teams in order. Virtual events platforms make it an easy process for organizations to pick from available themes for the event to save time on customizing. However, a team of organizers is available to pick on your demands and execute well in no time.

Successful Employer Branding

A virtual job fair can be customized showcasing employer brand, company culture, and trends. The booth’s color, style, look, and feel represent the actual organization conducting its hiring processes. Moreover, the booths include actual company representative avatars. These booths display high-resolution videos, vacancies, documents, company overviews, and live chat options.

Immersive Attendee Experience

The study shows that job posting with video content gets 36% more candidate applications. Nowadays, employers conduct quick webinars to guide and brief candidates about the job description and the company culture. It enables candidate and employer interaction at the booths. Moreover, the live chat features allow attendees from different parts of the world to connect with each other. At the top, the customized lobbies and halls provide an immersive user experience to the candidates moving about the virtual job fair.

Real-time Event Analytics

Another important feature of a virtual job fair is the real-time event analytical reports. Organizations can receive live audience registrations, booth activities, and ROIs to gauge event progress. The report provides information on how your event performed and how you can improve it in the future. For example, you can continue with practices well appreciated by the audiences or refrain from those that did not work. Also, the events platform also manages reports on candidate applications, scheduled interviews, and shortlisted candidates. These reports prove helpful with keeping an overall record of your online job fair.

Streamline Your Next Hires 

The greatest advantage of online job fairs is that candidate profiles can be stored for later hirings. In addition, resumes received at the event are stored and kept safe to access later when the company needs one or two resources but does not want to go through an extensive hiring process. Thus, these valuable candidate assets work for the next hirings.

In Conclusion

Get on board with a virtual events platform! Your remote employees are looking out for you. Thankfully, virtual platforms are extending their impactful services for organizations to host their important recruitment events. So, choose the right events platform offering immersive virtual features and benefits for your organization. Virtual events allow hosting 1000s of global job applicants at one platform with benefits including cost and time savings, brilliant branding impact, marketing, engagement, and non-distracting communication. Thus, the benefits of virtual job fairs for organizations worldwide are undeniable. Therefore it is wise to host your next virtual job fair at Virtual Recruitment Days for best virtual recruitment experience.

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