How to turn your ecommerce store into a powerhouse that generates sales?

Are you selling a product which no one wants? Are your product’s prices and shipping costs way too high? Haven’t you devised any marketing strategy plan for your ecommerce store? Is there no use of call-to-action in your content? Do you know Bad product photography and No promotional stuff is a major turn off?

If your case is similar to the statements mentioned above, let me tell you that your ecommerce store is failing miserably already. If you won’t do anything now, Sorry, but no one would be able to save it from shutting down.

Don’t be scared. It’s normal when businesses go through massive declines and a condition of plateaus. It’s the time to get up again with a new ray of hope.

Maybe the earlier methods devised by you would have worked wonders, but eventually, it grows stale with time. You have to follow the ongoing trends for this purpose. It is essential because consumer habits and thought processes have changed tremendously, especially in the ecommerce industry. One of the key things you might want to consider is to look more reputable in the eyes of the customer. Simply by creating an LLC for your store can make you look like a lot more serious business.

So, let’s discuss some of the pro tips to turn your ecommerce store into a powerhouse that generates sales.

Target your existing customers first

When businesses fail to grow, they assume not having enough customers. It’s just a misconception.

Instead of getting worried, shift your focus towards customer acquisition. You must improve customer service policies.

Always prefer loyal customers over first-time customers. It is because:

  • They usually add more items to their shopping carts.
  • It leads to a higher conversion rate.
  • It helps in generating more revenue each time a repeated customer visits your site.

Don’t get confused by my words. It’s best when you keep getting new customers for your business. But going after your existing customers is more accessible and a cost-effective approach.

If you are still thinking, why? Then have a look!

These existing customers are already familiar with your brand.  You don’t need to start from scratch with them.

What can you do?

Start a customer loyalty program providing people an incentive to spend more money every time they shop. The spent money can be converted into a rewards point.

When a customer achieves a certain number of points, they can redeem these points for discounts or other promotional stuff.

Upsell your products

Have you heard of ‘Upselling?’

It is an approach by brands of selling a slightly more premium product than the customers were initially considering.

Mostly, this approach is quite effective than acquiring a new customer. Sometimes the customers don’t know that a premium product is available at your ecommerce store.

For example, a customer visits a leather jacket online store. Some of the products are made up of better leather quality, so you must emphasize on the fact. Don’t forget to highlight the difference.

Remember two things while using an upselling approach to increase sales.

  • Make it relevant to the original product.
  • Be sensitive towards customers when devising the price range. Your product and its price both should meet the customer’s needs.

Integration of Instagram is a crucial step

According to statistics, Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3M.

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users as it is one of the fastest-growing social apps around, connecting various consumers, leaders, influencers, and brands.

By using fantastic photos, hashtags strategically, and posting at the right times, you may build a large Instagram following of people who will eventually become your loyal customers.

The critical point here is to create engagement organically.

How to engage your audience on Instagram?

  • Try running different contests.
  • Showcase your product development process to make them a part of it.
  • Add your products to your Instagram posts and stories. It may help in the direct-selling method.

Revise your Content Marketing game

Content marketing is a full strategic marketing approach that cannot be neglected. It focuses on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience. The core aim behind this is to drive profitable customer action.

According to research by Salehoo, 84% of customers search for product reviews on social media before making buying any product. And they get influenced by reviews. So, ecommerce stores need to understand the fact that content is the driving force behind the successful purchasing decisions.

What to do for this purpose?

  • Sharing your customers’ success stories is always one of the best options. If your customers have already written some great product reviews, then reach out to them and ask for additional feedback.
  • Take your customer’s feedback to the next step. Add a photo and include the person’s bio (if relevant to your product). It portrays your brand to be genuine and credible.
  • Bloggers and Social media influencers can help you in creating a significant impact on your website. They can create considerable hype and assist in executing a successful ecommerce content marketing campaign.’
    • List down some potential influencers from your niche and collaborate with them.
    • Share your idea and your content or brainstorm with them.
    • Use their followers and reach new audiences together.
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