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Contingent AI (Contingent and Future Technologies Ltd) is proud to partner with Hubbub, embarking on a joint mission to achieve a positive impact on health environments and local communities by removing single-use plastic items such as wet wipes, cotton buds and food and drink packaging from the Thames. Plastics in waterways across the UK and beyond pose a significant threat to wildlife, breaking down into tiny plastic fragments known as ‘microplastics’ and polluting marine environments.

Hubbub is an award-winning environmental charity that was launched with the mission of inspiring action that has a positive impact on the environment. The charity brings together local authorities, community groups, businesses and other groups to create campaigns to make it easier for people and organisations to make choices that are good for the environment.

Humans are creatures of habit. With behaviours often deeply ingrained, changing these habits can be a huge challenge requiring serious insight-mining, creative thinking and experimenting. However, once set in motion, these positive changes often spill into other areas of people’s lives.

Having invested some £2 million in local communities, Hubbub projects have significant social benefits, connecting with underrepresented communities and listening to and including people from all walks of life. Hubbub works closely with local people, creating solutions together that benefit both the community and the environment.

Founded in 2014 by Trewin Restorick, Heather Poore and Gavin Ellis, Hubbub was launched with the mission of revolutionising how environmental messages are communicated to the public, building mainstream support for action on climate change. The organisation collaborates with local communities, tackling complex topics and making them relevant to people’s daily lives with practical, positive, actionable steps that are simple, fun and worthwhile.

Hubbub’s Community Fridge Network is a space that brings people together to meet up, share food and learn new skills while simultaneously preventing fresh food from going to waste. Open to all, enabling anyone to take or share food, the Community Fridge Network accepts food donations from local food businesses, supermarkets, producers, gardeners and households. With more than 450 branches across the UK and counting, fridges are operated in shared spaces such as community centres, shops and schools and run by community groups. Coordinated by Hubbub, the Community Fridge Network presents a platform for the sharing of knowledge and skills, enabling UK-based groups running a community fridge to ask questions and support one another. The network also offers free, comprehensive guidance on how to establish a fridge, as well as providing a comprehensive range of tools, from health and safety templates to posters and more.

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