11 Important Features of Ecommerce Website You Should Know

Technology has changed our lives up to a large extent. It is positively transforming our lives. After the emergence of the internet, our lives have changed a lot. Every person uses the internet in some way or the other. The emergence of the internet has changed the way of doing business. Earlier we used to visit the retail shops to buy anything and do grocery shopping, but nowadays we can order anything whether it is food, grocery, vegetables, mobile phones, etc., from our smartphones through the internet.

Everything and every business are nowadays connected to the internet. Every day there is some innovation or improvement in technology. We are now totally dependent on it. It has made our life so easy. Not just selling of goods has changed, but the marketing strategy of the businesses has also changed. Marketing is done over digital platforms like social media apps, websites, e-mail, etc. All the platforms are converted online. There are various benefits of online businesses like convenience to the customers, 24×7 availability, can be used by anyone, etc. You can buy anything from the online platforms from washing machines to eyeliner. Large discounts and offers are provided on every shopping to attract customers.

This era is the era of digitalization. All the sectors are now digitalised. Payments that you make are digitalised, banking, insurance, and hotel services are all becoming online. You can get access to anything online. The physical existence of things is disappearing due to digitalisation of all the sectors. Various online sites and applications are providing various services like shopping, net banking, hotel and cab booking, etc. The development of all these E-commerce applications require special skills, it cannot be developed by a general person. A proper procedure has to be followed. A company cannot sustain itself in the market in the long run, if they do not go online. Online delivery of goods is provided along with it. These applications are developed by the ecommerce website development company, keeping in view the needs of the users. Relevant features are to be added to the applications.

E-commerce involves the sale and purchase of goods and services over the internet. It comprises transferring data in the electronic form between 2 or more than two parties. It is very crucial to have all the features in the ecommerce application or website. Various features that must be present in the ecommerce website are as follows:

  1. Logo: Logo is the overall brand identity of the company. The logo of the company should be unique and should be placed at the top of the website. The tagline helps in denoting the vision and mission of the company, so it should also be visible on the ecommerce website of the company.
  2. Shopping Cart: Shopping cart allows the users to add the products that they want to purchase. All the necessary goods can be stored in it before checking out. Allow both the registered user as well as the guest user to checkout. The shopping cart must show the total payable amount for the goods along with the price of individual goods.
  3. Payment Gateway: You should provide an option of selecting the payment gateway and not just limit to a single payment gateway. A good website will always provide you with the options to choose from.
  4. Managing Order: The order management helps the merchants by simplifying their tasks as detailed information related to the cancellation of orders, order verification, refunds, exchanging the goods, etc. are provided. It helps the merchants to manage their orders and fulfil them on time and avoids the wastage of time of both merchant and the buyer of goods.
  5. Security: The security of the transactions is very important. All the data of prepaid orders (related to the payment) must be kept safe and secure. The payment should be done through a secure payment gateway. The data of debit and credit cards should not be saved. The passwords, CVV should be hashed and should not be kept in a readable format. The servers should be protected and the web pages should be shielded by SSL.
  6. Compatible in Mobile phones: The website that is developed must be compatible with mobile phones. The mobile view of the website should be properly adjusted in accordance with the device and should be responsive. The option of a desktop view should also be presented in mobile phones. WAP helps in optimizing the size of the website and also takes less time for loading. Application Program Interface (API) is very important for developing mobile applications because all of us now browse through our mobile phones.
  7. Integrating Logistics: Integration of logistics services helps in the consistent shipping of goods and assures that the customers get real-time updates of the order. This allows customers to track their orders at any time. They can manage the order of goods and shipments from a single platform.
  8. User-friendly: The website developed should be simple and all the features should be clearly represented so that it becomes user-friendly. Avoid any type of complex feature, so that users do not get confused.
  9. Categorization: The goods and services should be properly categorized. Good or services falling in a category should be separately categorized so that users do not face any type of difficulty while searching for the products.
  10. Add Reviews and feedback: The option of providing reviews of the products must be present to build trust among the customers and new users will also pay attention to your e-commerce website. Ask the buyers to provide reviews of the product and to also share their experience of using your website.
  11. Contact Information: Add information about your contact in the main menu and at the bottom of the page on the website to show the authenticity of your business. It also allows the customers to contact you in case of any kind of problem they face like a refund, exchange of goods, payment issues, etc.

You must consult the best ecommerce website design company to get the ecommerce website of your business developed.

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