An Overview of Electronic Design Development

Electronic Design Development refers to the technical process of selecting and interconnecting physical devices. With a high level of expertise required to do the job effectively and efficiently, you should always hire someone who can custom electronic design and development. To help you better comprehend the world of electronic design and development, we have prepared a quick guide.

What is Electronic Design and Development?

As the name itself suggests, electronic design and development entail some highly complex functions and their operations. These functions include processors, memory, and controllers. Electronic design and development are centered around the interfacing between these complex functions by sub-functions that are a lot less complicated. The simple interfacing functions are commonly referred to as “glue logic” due to their responsibility of gluing together everything.

The complex and straightforward functions mentioned above can be bought off the shelf in the form of integrated circuits. However, when it comes to electronic designs, custom-made options are also available if you are looking for a more precise solution for your design and development needs!

What are the duties of an Electronic Design and Development Engineer?

The primary role of an electronic design and development engineer, other than testing and developing, is supervising and testing the manufacturing process of electrical equipment. The job entails planning and designing different modifications and applications to amplify the overall functioning of the final design, assessing different systems, and enhancing them, designing different electronic components, products, systems, software, and so much more!

Turning your Vision into Reality

The beginning of any good electronic design and development project stems from a successful idea and a clear vision. Turning your vision into a reality is challenging yet achievable, and that is what the project is all about! The process behind electronic design and development requires ideation, crafting innovative and technologically advanced solutions, researching and complying with legal requirements, producing prototypes, writing firmware and software, and engineering circuits. The main goal is to manufacture the product efficiently, and designing the packaging is another crucial part.

Custom Electronic Design and Development

If the nature of your electronic design and development project is such that it requires custom services, your project will require custom-built analog circuits and high-power switching schematics. An engineer can even design low-powered wearable devices and embedded systems by developing wireless systems, all supported by different cellular networks.

You can either go for a Power Electronics Design, which is mainly centered around devising solutions that will cater to your problems regarding processing, managing, storing, or converting electrical power. The power electronics design includes developing firmware and hardware, subject to the needs and preferences of your products. The second option is availing of embedded hardware design services. As the name itself suggests, this includes developing embedded hardware with the help of different microprocessors, microcontrollers, and sensors.

The third option is PCB design and layout services, which initiates with developing a printed circuit board. It circles schematic designs and takes assistance from CAD software and specific development tools. The end product consists of digital and analog board designs that can be tailored to suit the client’s needs. FPGA design services are also another option that you can explore. Centered around embedded systems, this service uses FPGA in hardware development to produce high-performing and complex systems that can reprogram.

Lastly, we have product engineering services that cover a more comprehensive range and create robust and reliable electronics. Be it consulting, research and development, POC, checking the feasibility, or any other part of the manufacturing process, this service has it all covered! 


From coming up with an idea to specifications, designing, and the final production stage, all of it is a part of electronic design and development. Custom Electronic design and development takes a spin on the traditional designs and modifies them to suit the needs of the clients, be it a digital or analog measuring instrument, access control, medical device, IoT, or any other thing. With the help of advanced technologies and comprehending the needs of your project, through electronic design and development you can gain access to or build any electronic product or embedded system. While the field is challenging and highly complex, electronic design and development has the capability of providing unique and technologically advanced tailor-made solutions to make your life easier!

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