Which Hair Transplant Clinic Should You Choose?

In recent years, a hair transplant in Turkey has been the most frequent aesthetic procedure among men. Given the importance of appearance and social media today, it’s no surprise that this procedure is becoming more and more popular.

The high demand and rapid growth of the hair implant sector have given rise to a galaxy of pseudo-specialists on the Internet who communicate with patients by presenting themselves with titles that do not exist and providing incorrect information that misleads patients.

Unfortunately, the number of clinics where hair plantation operations are conducted by people who pose as doctors with titles such as hair transplant coordinator or hair implant specialist is many times greater than the number of clinics that have doctors. So very often, these people have absolutely no medical education, and others are not licensed to perform this procedure. They can only work as a surgical assistant under the supervision and responsibility of a physician.

Steps to Choose the Right Clinic

There are heaps of clinics that perform hair implant operations. There are 800+ medical centers on alone. And it is essential to choose the right one to avoid possible undesirable consequences of this operation. So we want to explain the most important criteria when selecting a hair transplant clinic.

1) Know your doctor!

Learn information about your hair plantation surgeon on the clinic’s website where you applied. Pay attention to education, certificates, experience, membership, and awards. The Bookimed website contains hundreds of doctors’ cards where you can read detailed information and choose the right one for you. 565,554 transnational patients have already found the appropriate doctor on the Bookimed platform. If there is no information about doctors, it would be better to stay away from this clinic.

Also, specify the doctor’s specialty and the number of patients who undergo surgery in the clinic per day. Don’t forget a hair implant operation lasts 6-8 hours on average.

Since the inspection, planning, reconstruction of the anterior hairline, and the surgery itself is time-consuming, one doctor can accept a maximum of 1-2 patients per day.

2) Find out where the operation will take place.

In Turkey, this type of surgery can only be performed in specialized healthcare institutions licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. Find out the address of the place where the operation will be performed. If it is the address of an apartment, villa, etc., ask for permission/license from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

If your surgery is performed in an unlicensed location, any emergency may not provide the necessary equipment, medicines, and qualified first aid personnel if needed. The most important is not the planned actions but the emergency and urgent situations during surgical operations. It will be vital to have qualified personnel who can provide the necessary first aid.

3) Ask for a personalized treatment plan for you.

The main thing in hair plantation is proper planning. To achieve a natural and good look, wait for the clinic to offer you an accurate and detailed therapy plan. Take into account two aspects: the number of grafts that can be taken from the donor zone and the number of grafts that will be needed for the anterior, middle, and vertex zones.

Bookimed medical coordinators always request an individual treatment plan so that the patient understands what awaits them and how much the therapy will cost. You can get a personalized therapeutic plan for free by contacting Bookimed.

In addition, simple questions asked by the clinic’s specialists regarding your medical history, chronic diseases, medications used, and allergies, especially to medicines, are indicators that you are in the right and responsible clinic.

4) Social networks, photos before and after

The development of social media and the Internet has made it possible for hair implant clinics to present pictures of their patients to hair plantation candidates. Before and after photos of the procedure directly affect many people’s decisions at the clinic selection stage.

When choosing, looking at these photos, ensure that the images are not faked and taken from the right angle. Otherwise, you will likely encounter a different result than what you imagined.

5) Method of surgery and pain effects during the surgery

There are only 2 hair extraction approaches (FUE and FUT) and 2 hair implant methods (micro incisions or DHI). In addition, some clinics invent new terms and ways to attract more patients. They quickly become viral on the Internet, and after a while, they begin to be perceived by patients as the best method.

Today on the Internet, there is a tremendous amount of data about the hair plantation and a whole galaxy of hair implant methods that are not included in the medical literature, such as painless hair plantation, ICE FUE, Golden FUE, etc. Clinics that promise you an easy and effortless operation are most likely not patient-oriented but only trying to convince you to choose their clinic.

No doctor wants his patient to experience pain. Unfortunately, there is no method of absolutely painless local anesthesia before the hair transplant procedure. No matter what type of local anesthesia is used, patients will experience some pain according to their pain threshold. Remember that clinics that promise you painless local anesthesia are cunning.

6) Operation details

During the operation, an important aspect is the medical data recording in the patient’s file. It helps evaluate the results, adhere to the treatment plan, and meet quality standards. Compliance with quality control steps is vital in aesthetic operations.

Details include:

  • Hair extraction from the donor area.
  • The low percentage of damaged twigs during extraction (<6%).
  • Storage of tangles after extraction in a particular solution.
  • Replanting single and multiple twigs in different areas to achieve a natural result during hair implant.

All these nuances indicate how much the clinic understands this kind of operation.

Choosing a good clinic that meets all quality standards is quite tricky on your own. It is better to turn to specialists who are engaged in the selection of clinics on a daily basis, understand all the nuances and take into account the wishes of the patient. Such as Bookimed medical coordinators who daily help dozens of patients choose the best clinic among 800+ options in more than 40 countries worldwide. At the same time, the company’s service for patients is entirely free.

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