The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Intervention

One of the significant benefits of early orthodontic treatment is it aids in spotting potential problems with the child’s developing mouth before it becomes a significant issue. An experienced child orthodontist can help solve many childhood problems and even future problems. In fact, some of the issues that early orthodontic treatment can address are surprising, as we’ll examine in this article.

Identifying Potential Issues Early On

An orthodontist will be the first to notice issues with your child’s mouth. Since children’s mouths are developing, i.e., their jaw catching these problems early on in life can save the child from future surgery and other complications. Even if your child may not need treatment right away, the orthodontist will follow and track their progress, ensuring that the jaw and teeth grow correctly. If crooked teeth are spotted, the orthodontist may suggest Invisalign treatment for a few months.

Makes Children More Confident

Many children struggle with their self-esteem, it is a natural problem, and there is nothing to worry about in most cases. But having crooked teeth can worsen those insecurities. Children may have negative feelings about smiling because other children laugh or call them names each time they do. If anything, they may not want to stop smiling. Invisalign treatment can help children regain their confidence, knowing full well that their teeth are being straightened. Children with traditional metal braces can experience the full benefit of orthodontic treatment by changing the colours of their elastics with each appointment.

Improves Speaking Ability  

When a child has a problem speaking, most parents don’t automatically think it has something to do with their teeth. However, there are instances where a child’s misaligned jaw or teeth can lead to speech difficulties. Usually, these problems surface as mispronouncing “S” and even “T” or both. Correcting the jaw and teeth alignment is the best way to ensure that your child does not have this problem for life.

Reduces Tooth Decay

Preventive dentistry is the best way to prevent future health issues. Straight teeth make it easier for a child to clean their whole mouth, especially hard-to-reach areas. They can easily floss their teeth, reducing instances of tooth decay. Crooked teeth, on the other hand, are harder to clean. Children with tooth decay often have crooked teeth because it isn’t easy to clean. That’s why they should see an orthodontist before 7-years of age.

Improves Digestion

Good digestion is one of the keys to improved development in children of all ages. Chewing is made much easier and better, with an aligned jaw and straight teeth, making it easier to digest. If the child’s teeth are misaligned, the orthodontist will often recommend braces to help optimize their placement, which will improve digestion and other factors that influence development.

Eliminates Instances of Teeth Grinding

Many orthodontists will ask that parents get Invisalign treatment to help a child suffering from teeth grinding. If your child suffers from neck pain and frequent headaches, it could be because of teeth grinding which they aren’t fully aware of. Most times, grinding teeth is caused by a misaligned jaw and can lead to many future problems if not addressed during childhood. Braces and elastics are used to realign the jaw and teeth to their optimal position, relieving discomfort in the long term.

Address Harmful Oral Habits  

Many children suck their thumbs; it is a reflex action from birth and can continue up till 5 years of age. But it is common for some children to suck their thumb later in life. If your child’s habit continues past the age of 5, they are at risk of doing damage to their teeth. Thumb-sucking children will require braces or Invisalign treatment, not only because it fixes their teeth but also because it can break the habit.  

Guides Adult Teeth

After a child loses their initial set of baby teeth, they start growing new ones, and braces can help guide those new teeth into favourable positions. That way, there is no room for things going wrong, and with the added benefit of oral hygiene that comes with straight teeth. That’s why getting braces early on in life helps prevent future hassle for many children while ensuring a picture-perfect smile.


An Invisalign may be the best thing for your child based on their current oral health. However, before you make that decision, ensure that your child starts seeing an orthodontist from an early age so that signs of trouble can be spotted and rooted out early on.

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