Strategies that the on-demand applications can use amid COVID-19

Let us take some time to look back at the fag end of the previous decade. The iPhone had just finished releasing about two or three variants, and Android, as an operating system, had just made its entry. The coolest apps that you could have were the cigarette lighter app and the beer drinking emulator!

Fast forward a decade and a couple of years more, we have mobile applications that serve practical problems, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that there is an app for almost everything. Mobile apps have made it easier for us to avail of certain services that were considered to be extremely cumbersome and difficult, especially by combining the advantages of GPS and an online profile.

Such a breed of applications are called on demand apps, and Uber can be considered the harbinger of this revolution. Today, what was kick started by Uber has proliferated in every possible direction and dimension. Today even countries like Indonesia and India have their own indigenous on-demand applications, and the on-demand method of business has spread its tentacles in every imaginable territory of service including but not limited to food delivery, grocery delivery, transportation, medicine delivery, babysitting, household services, handyman services, pet walking, and even dating.

Some applications like Gojek have elevated themselves in this region of business by providing multiple services under a single umbrella, and they are aptly called super applications are super apps. Although not many super apps have started functioning in Europe and America, Indonesia, China, Japan, and India have been leading the race.

Why super apps?

Super apps present a lot of advantages.

  • The user does not have to download multiple apps for every utility that they need to avail of.
  • It makes it extremely easy for the user to have their refund processed and used. If they buy groceries, they do not have to wait until the next time they buy groceries to use the refund. Instead, they can book a cab using the same refunded money.
  • For the developer, they do not have to invest heavily in marketing a new app. All they need to do is introduce an app update, and you are all set to offer the new utility to your users.
  • The developer does not even have to spend time and money in creating new apps because it is effectively taken care of by small companies and independent developers. They create applications that will seamlessly integrate with the existing super application ecosystem. Therefore, the business will not need to invest time and money, and it also provides an avenue for independent developers to quickly monetize their efforts.
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage that a super application drinks to any business owner is that the business owner does not have to completely rely on just one source of income. Even if one business fails to pick up, the other will take care of the revenue.

The COVID-19 interregnum

The last point that was talked about as an advantage might not have made sense when we would have had discussed this in the first nine months of 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our perspective of the world, life, and business.

For businesses, COVID-19 has been a double edged sword. On one side, it has brought businesses like on demand taxi services to a screeching halt… Literally. On the other, depending has boosted the revenues of a lot of on-demand services like food delivery, grocery delivery, and even medical services on demand.

Given the fact that an app like Gojek can seamlessly integrate new businesses and offerings into their super app, there are a few services/utilities that any new entrepreneur can consider, especially if they intend to launch an on demand services app that provides multiple services.

The suggestions given below are not only bound to work but rather based on the success stories of businesses that have increased the revenue multi fold during the pandemic.


for a long time, entertainment was considered auxiliary to the mainstream consumption of information like news over television. Today, however, because of the intensity of news and the monotony of information about COVID-19, people have resorted to these entertainment/OTT apps for their relaxation.

The fact that Netflix finds a parallel mention along with Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon is a resounding testimony to the relevance and profitability of on-demand video entertainment apps. There have been instances where movies have been released only on these OTT platforms, rendering the concept of theaters obsolete for a certain set of movies.


It is such a wide spectrum of possible activities and applications. Anything said, all types of games have found an increase in consumption during the pandemic. It could be a management game that involves putting some intellectual resources to work to win it. It might also be a simple game like Ludo that just banks on chance. It might even be a mixture of both fun and science like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Anything said, any type of game is bound to increase during a situation where everyone has to stay at home and when social interactions are limited. It would be an added advantage if your game has a social element attached to it, without becoming a spam for people who get invited!


The COVID-19 pandemic has reemphasized and reiterated the value of immunity and general health. A lot of people have realized the importance of fitness but do not have the chance or the choice to go to a gym. At this juncture, any app that provides fitness services through mentors or even auxiliary fitness related services like workout plans, meditation, dieting, weight loss, and calorie measurement is bound to succeed. The app also provides employment opportunities for gym trainers and fitness influencers who might not have a chance to earn their living because all the gyms have been shut down.


The blanket term covers almost every segment of service that needs delivery of goods from one point to another. The deliveries can include food delivery from restaurants to homes, grocery delivery from supermarkets and grocery shops to peoples residences, medicine delivery from pharmaceuticals, and courier and parcel services from one home to another.

Delivery services were considered an extension of the existing ecosystem and not the epicenter of it. For example, dining in at a restaurant was considered the primary source of income and the primary point of business. However, with the imposition on social distancing and restrictions on going out, these delivery app solution services have started to gain precedence and prominence.


In an attempt to constructively distract themselves, a lot of people have resorted to learning some new skills during the pandemic. These skills did not have to be essentially associated with their mainstream job. The number of people who learned music, crochet, and cooking exponentially increased during this time, and the growing Internet speeds and mobile penetration help in this regard.

You can identify a specific skill, create a repository of experts and start selling their courses using a digital learning platform. You can even consider issuing valid and acceptable certificates for course completion.


The coffee shop dates and corporate board meetings now happen over the Internet! Almost every real world meeting scenario has been condensed into the digital space. Your app can either specialize in providing specific services scattered to a single segment of communication (like corporate meetings or webinars) or create a service that can approximately work for every type of meeting like Zoom and Google Meet.

How to sell?

It is not just enough to create an app or app but there is a need to market these applications. Working out a sales oriented business strategy ensures that you find financial and business success.

The biggest selling factor is in terms of money. Giving a free trial or free lessons in case of learning apps will ensure that your customers get hooked to the brand and pay a marginal price to continue with the services. The same can even be extended for premium offerings in case of free apps.

Every app needs to be aggressively and rightly marketed on social media channels. Social media plays a very important role in strengthening engagement and increasing reach. It is also relatively less expensive compared to traditional media. Having a robust and active social media presence will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

In a market that is highly competitive, it is important to keep a constant tab of the demand and invest your budget in the right areas. This also works if you have properly profiled your users and have crafted your marketing strategy in line with your niche.

It is important that your app and it’s related services have adapted to the new normal. Grocery delivery and handyman services applications should ensure that the service people comply with the COVID-19 safety protocol by wearing a mask and by practicing social distancing.

Change is the only constant. To keep up with the evolving demands of people and the new technology facelifts that might happen, your app and your business should be highly adaptable to the market demands and the needs of people.


Now that you are aware of the needs of the market and the way in which you should shape your app to cater to the new normal, all that is left for you to do is to get in touch with the company that specializes in Gojek Clone app development. We have already seen that a white label clone is A better option than building your app from scratch.

The company will understand your business requirements and present you with a perfect solution for you to launch your on-demand services app in the shortest possible time.

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