Self-Employed Offered Access to Free Private Health Insurance

The working world has faced significant disruptions due to COVID-19. As the UK continues its lockdown and attempts to slow infection rates, many Brits have seen a reduction, or complete halt, to their working hours.

Whilst many workers are offered straight-forward support from their business during the current lockdown, those who are self-employed may find it harder to navigate these waters; having to apply for support schemes to help sustain their income.

In response to these struggles faced during lockdown, health insurance specialist Equipsme have begun expanding their coronavirus support, now accommodating to the self-employed. As part of this expansion, Equipsme is now offering private health insurance for free to both freelancers and sole traders.

Equipsme Offers Free Private Health Insurance During COVID-19

Freelancers and sole traders can now access Equipme’s private health support for free up to the 1st August, by signing up to the Solo or Solo Plus plans.

Equipsme was launched during 2018, wanting to make private health insurance more affordable, more straight-forward, and more sustainable than ever before. The health insurance provider has won “Best New Product – Innovation Award” at the October 2019 Cover Excellence Awards, and has now been shortlisted for the Insurtech Award at the 2020  British Insurance Awards.

Founder Matthew Reed states: “If you are self-employed you know that the health of your business relies on your physical and mental health. Now that’s more important than ever. We know people are avoiding appointments to find out what is wrong with them, which risks issues that could be sorted quickly becoming far more serious or even chronic.”

“We also know how tough it is at the moment to be self-employed. We hope that providing professional counselling and medical advice from now until what we expect will be the peak of the pandemic will go a small way to offering support.”

Those who are self-employed can now access Equipsme’s private health insurance offering, without having to pay anything until the 1st of August. As this free period ends, members can either cancel the plan or pay to continue on with it.

Reed adds: “At the moment insurance is not exactly winning the hearts and minds of businesses. This is a genuine offer and I assure self-employed business owners that they can access this on day 1, use it and cancel it by the end of July.”

What Is Available to Self-Employed Business Owners?

The current pandemic has affected many areas of people’s lives, which can have a significant impact upon both our physical and mental health. With the current health crisis, and the subsequent changes to the way healthcare operates, it’s now more important than ever to take care of your health.

With Equipsme’s new offering, freelancers and sole traders can access online appointments with a GP anytime of the day. They will also have access to remote physiotherapy consultations and health checks, in addition to counselling services via a stress support line.

With the provider’s plans, those who are self-employed can also access support for more complicated conditions via digital triage. Once private hospitals begin to open their doors to non-urgent patients again, Equipsme members will also be able to access care in the hospitals, in person.

Ways to Keep Healthy During COVID-19

It’s also important to keep healthy in your lifestyle throughout the current health crisis, helping to boost the immune system and promote wellbeing.

Whilst coronavirus brings health concerns of its own, on top of this, uncertainties about job security and finances, as well as being restricted in where you can go, can also have a considerable impact on your mental health. Whilst it’s vital to abide by the current lockdown rules, it’s also important to take care of yourself during this difficult time. 

Doing physical exercise not only helps to keep you active and healthy during lockdown, it’s also been shown to promote mental health. Studies have shown that doing exercise can help you to manage stress by releasing cortisol whilst also giving your mind something to focus on, distracting from negative thoughts.

Exercise can also make you feel more tired at night, helping to improve your sleep – another vital part for maintaining health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that even small losses in sleep can impair your immune function, whilst others link poor sleep quality to mental health issues and a higher risk of heart disease. 

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