Revax Biotech Ultra-Low Dose Vaccine Technology can make World Vaccination a Reality

Revax Biotech announce their response to the G7/WHO Challenge enabling vaccines to be available to meet existing or emerging respiratory pandemic threats in 100 days or less. 

Revax Biotech is a UK based innovative vaccine company with game-changing, patented technology that uses inhalation to deliver 1/100,000th of the dose used for injection of Covid-19 vaccines.

The ultra-low dose reduces manufacturing time and the inherent stability of the vaccine formulation means that cold chains are not required. Inhalational vaccine delivery to the human respiratory tract and lungs eliminates needles and the requirement for specialist trained healthcare staff to administer injections.  

The pre-clinical studies are complete, the data available. Revax is seeking investment to finish the further development, take the vaccine through the required clinical trials to speed commercialisation and deliver the following advantages to the world: 


·      Reduces decision-making time and speeds manufacture

·      Needle free – enabling the 10-20% of needle-phobic to be vaccinated

·      Easier transportation and logistics – no health-care professional required

·      No cold chain requirement – key for delivery in LMI countries 

Enhanced efficacy 

·      Cross strain protection is assured

·      T-cell immunity is better 


·      By using the ideal site for initiating an immune response

·      Confirmation that the delivery method is effective has been demonstrated with influenza and TB in animal models

·      Far more likely to eliminate unwanted side effects 


·      By combining the best in aerosol delivery, academic excellence, industrial support, and clinical research organisation expertise, we promise a revolution in vaccines. This will enable rapid development of safer vaccines at dose levels which will be economic, enable global distribution and provide inclusion of LMI and developing countries. 

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