IT staffing process: Top 7 Crucial Steps Of IT staffing

IT staffing process is a systematic and serial process executed by the HR department of the IT company to fill the posts with suitable and efficient employees, best for those posts according to their skill, knowledge, qualification and experience. For instance, in Dubai, they provide the best impartial IT recruiters. Click and check out here for top it staffing companies in dubai

Here are top 7 crucial steps of IT staffing-

Staff number planning 

The planning of manpower includes the estimation of how many staff are to be hired in a company in different grades. The strength of the members of each grade depends on what your company policies are and how big your company is to hire staff. In the first step, you have to estimate the needs of the workforce. This process has two aspects- qualitative and quantitative. The type of working staff and the number of them are meant by these respectively. This kind of planning keeps record of the manpower details and unite them to develop their talents to get selected in promotion advancement. Also to hire candidates, job conditions, needed qualifications and skills and relationships between employees- these are also to be thought of.

Recruiting and selecting

Set a goal and identify the target market you want to work on. Then search for prospective employees. Encourage those job seekers to join the company for available positions. It is all about finding the best source of efficient employees. Don’t push them but stimulate them to join the vacant position. This process of searching for potential workers is called recruitment. 

The selection process includes choosing the best candidates among the qualified prospective pool of applicants and eliminating the rest of the underperformed candidates. Make sure the selection of top applicants fits best in the positions and is perfect for the requirements were asked for. If well-fledged employees are hired in all grades of the organization according to their abilities and qualifications, the yield will be better for work and profit. 

Placement and orientation  

Placement refers to placing the selected person in his position in the job. A successful placement means putting the right person in the right place according to his or her experience, qualification and efficiency. Suppose a marketing expert can not be placed in sales or vice versa just to fill a vacant post, which is not a successful placement. Placing a salesperson in the sales and marketing department in the marketing department is a good fit for a company. Otherwise, employees will lose interest along with less efficiency. 

Orientation or induction means introducing a newly hired employee to the organisation, and its policies, rules, regulations and their works. Basically giving an overview of the company and the work Is referred to as orientation or induction. 


Onboarding may seem similar to induction. Many people confuse it as the same. But it is not, because orientation or induction is a one-day event, where the newly placed employees are welcomed and introduced to the environment on the first day of joining. Whereas onboarding is a series of few days which includes the first day of orientation also. In the onboarding process, the employee learns new activities. To ensure that the freshers are ready to work and learn things. Onboarding also teaches them to possess new skills and knowledge and adopt the team and department-specific works to understand their parameters of performance and goals to be achieved. 

Training and development 

Training is often used as a broader term of onboarding. But training is a little longer process than onboarding. The training period teaches the newcomers to get ready for the work as a final step of learning. The training program is the vital step of learning to become perfect before starting a real job. The technologies are upgrading day by day in the IT field. During this training programme, the newcomers are trained to deal with new technologies so that they can be updated with increasing development. 

Development means by which process newly placed or pre-existing employees get chances and opportunities to have growth in their career. Encouraging employees to take more responsibilities and open up with more ideas, come under this development process. Planning for providing numerous opportunities to get promoted and flourish in the organisation, also should be taken care of. If these opportunities are lacking, this can lead to frustration for the employees. 

Performance appraisal and promotion 

Higher authorities judge the new employees on a parameter of Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs). Through KPI, they track the performance of the employees for a quarter of the year if the employees reached the target of performance appraisal or not. If a few of them fail to achieve the target work, provide them with another round of training with more guidance. This will definitely help them to improve their performance, knowledge and skill. 

Whereas promotion is the process of rewarding the employees for their progress. It includes the increase of power, status, rank, responsibilities and prestige and often it includes an increase of remuneration also. The yearly award-winning process also can be included in the promotion of prestige.


For retaining the best employees in your organisation, make sure you provide them with the best facilities and comfort to satisfy them. You must provide them with the best opportunities to shine and grow so that they don’t move elsewhere looking for better opportunities. A positive environment should be there so that they get appreciation and their talent should be recognized and acknowledged. Transparency should also be there between employees and employers. The ideas and opinions of employees should be heard and considered to maintain a successful colleague bonding. 

After the transfer or retirement of an employee, this process repeats and goes on. An IT staffing process becomes successful when the employees work with proper job satisfaction and as a result, it profits the company. Click and check out here for top it staffing companies in dubai.

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