Clients enjoy 78% increase in weight loss after Covid-19 moves personal training company online.

A personal training company says its clients have achieved an average weight loss increase of 78% since being moved online by the Covid-19 pandemic.

TRUTH Fitness, which provides fitness coaching for busy executives, leaders and business owners, originally worked out of Shoreditch in London but with many of its clients working from home over the past 18 months, now operates 100% online.

The impact has been transformative for their clients, with the average weight loss per client increasing from 9lbs pre-Covid to 16lbs in the time since TRUTH Fitness moved online, a 78% increase and the equivalent of an extra 2.5 inches off the average belly.

TRUTH Fitness, which delivers most of its training through a six-week ‘Body Transformation – Rapid Result System’, says the move away from an office-based work environment has been instrumental in propelling their clients to health gains they had previously found unattainable.

Cameron Harris, co-founder of TRUTH Fitness, said: “The results we have been getting since moving to an entirely virtual set-up have been incredible and a large part of this is down to our clients being able to carry out their health and fitness training from any location, at any time.

“Previously they would always be rushing about, regularly having to cancel and we were continually trying to fit around their diary.

“Now they don’t need to worry about the London traffic and can easily jump on Zoom for their sessions. Just as importantly, we’re able to give clients more guidance and support on the nutritional side, with recipes and shopping lists delivered to their homes.”

Co-founders Cameron Harris and Tony McCarthy have been personal trainers since 2007 and formed TRUTH Fitness in 2016, after noticing a gap in the market for high quality executive personal training aimed at senior business leaders and their teams.

The company now has a team of expert coaches with a broad range of specialist knowledge who deliver bespoke fitness and nutrition programmes aimed at senior business leaders.

“Our number one goal is to help business leaders look, move and feel 10 years younger,” added Cameron Harris.
“With our team of specialist coaches, we’re able to put together a completely bespoke programme for each client that covers training and nutrition.

“Accountability is vital for our clients and being a virtual gym has only helped in that respect. We’re able to keep them on track with their programme wherever they are in the world – we work with clients from London to Dubai and even Australia”

Having just launched an online store featuring health and fitness guides, workout equipment, clothing and supplements, it’s easy to see how TRUTH Fitness are set to provide health and fitness services for corporate leaders.


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