Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology Can Help Save Energy Consumption

Over the last decade, the world population has increased and so has the consumption of that entire population. That means more energy being used in homes, factories, commercial buildings – you get the picture. This is where environmentalists came in urging for a shift in energy production methods. The focus is on making the switch to greener, and cleaner ways of producing electricity like solar panels, wind power, making use of climate conditions and turning dams into hydropower production units.

Although all these green methods of energy production have been globally adopted, there has been yet another great evolution in technology and Artificial Intelligence. Looking at it from a more domesticated approach, several companies have rolled out Smart Home Technology with some Smart Devices supporting AI, just like the Amazon Alexa for instance.

Smart Home Technology can go a long way in cutting down energy consumption, proving to be green in its own way. Obviously, it’s much cheaper than installing solar panels or home windmills, smart devices can work in sync and control some of the basic things around a home – many of those which consume a lot of energy and can go unnoticed.

Here’s a few Smart Home Devices that can save on the energy consumption in a household.

Smart Lights

We all know someone guilty of leaving the lights on, it could even be us ourselves but though this may be an unintentional habit, it wastes a lot of energy and money in the process. Its wastage of electricity resources that could’ve otherwise been utilized elsewhere. Some might argue that it’s just one light, big deal. As a matter of fact, it is a bigger deal than we think it is.

Smart lights are perfect in order to manage energy consumption and keep your bills within their monthly budgets too. They can be controlled wirelessly; that means whether you’re still at work, you can use your phone to turn on the driveway lights if it’s getting dark, or if you’re in bed and you’re too lazy to get back up, you can switch off the living room lights from your phone too. Yes, these lights are accessible through mobile applications that can be downloaded onto your smartphones and tablets, and do not require any proximity in order to control them.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats quite literally are a smart invention for homes. Many homes aren’t already insulated and air-conditioning and heating systems consume more energy to cool or to heat up the home. This is why it’s a great idea to install Smart Thermostats in your home – not just because they’ll save you money every month on the bills, but they save energy from being consumed unnecessarily.

These devices connect to the home Wi-Fi and are controlled through mobile applications instead of manually. Some feature motion detection and location tracking of your smartphones to determine whether there is anybody on the premises or not – and if not, the thermostat can switch off the whole system, saving up on energy. Other devices can even learn temperatures that are preferred by you, thereby automatically adjusting the temperatures whenever required.

Voice Assistant (Smart Speaker)

Smart Speakers are basically Voice Assistants, mini devices that do wonders for a home. They can be considered as part of Artificial Intelligence because Voice Assistants are Virtual assistants – Alexa for Amazon, Google Assistant for Google and Siri for Apple.

Voice Assistants have their own great features of being the perfect pair of mini speakers in the room, carrying out internet searches and basic voice commands like sending texts or making calls on your behalf, even setting reminders. But what’s even better is that they are compatible with almost every Smart Home Device! So all the Smart lights and the Smart Thermostat in your home can be controlled through voice commands! Don’t want to get off the couch? Simply say “Hey Alexa, turn off the living room chandelier.” It’s super convenient, is it not?

Parting Thoughts Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology will go a long way in saving energy consumption and leaning towards a greener lifestyle for domestic households. If you’re interested in getting some Smart Home Devices, check out First Energy Home’s website for a wider catalog of products. First Energy power also caters to several of your installations and home repairing needs as well.

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