Here’s Exactly How to Buy an Moissanite Ring Online

Technology has revolutionised business in ways we never imagined before. Today, you can almost buy anything online. That means you can buy your moissanite rings online without any hitches. There are several benefits that come with buying your engagement ring online. First, you will get better deals and ultimately save money from your purchase. Most importantly, you will do this from the comfort of your home.

Where there is clarity, the entire buying process is stress-free. In this age of the internet and technology, you would not want to get into a jewelry store without any idea of what your moissanite ring would cost. Online shopping helps you realise what exists and the options you got before making any commitment to buy. 

Step-by-Step Procedure to buy a Moissanite Ring Online

To get your moissanite ring right, you will need to understand the stakes involved in the process. With the information available on online platforms, you stand a chance of getting a good quality moissanite ring. Here is what you need to do:

Settle on a Budget

Instead of buying whatever is available in the market, you can decide on the amount you want to spend on your ring.  Your online dealer will use the amount you have to help you with the moissanite ring equivalent to that money. 

You do not have to buy full-carat moissanite. It will cost more. However, a fraction of a carat, say 0.97 can save you good money. For that reason, do not focus on buying even carat numbers. What you have settled on is enough to get what you need. 

Buy as a Couple

Consider the option of buying your moissanite rings as a couple. That way, you may end up getting a discount or splitting the cost. Most importantly, you will get to discuss a few things here and there before making the final choice. In addition, it is safer to buy in the company of someone else. That way, you are sure to settle for a great choice.

Understand the 4Cs

To make the right decisions about any purchase, it helps if you understand what you are putting your money into. One of the best things to know about moissanite is the 4Cs of carat, cut, color and clarity. That way, you will stand a chance of making well-informed decisions. Here is what the 4Cs point to:

  • Carat. This points to the weight of moissanite in your ring. It is a significant factor that can determine the overall cost of your moissanite ring.
  • Cut. This quality has everything to do with the size, shape, fire and brilliance of your gem.  Round cuts involve the shedding of moissanite material. For that reason, they attract higher costs than other shapes.
  • Color. Moissanite comes in different colors with the best quality comparable to D-E-F diamonds according to the GIA scale of color. However, colored moissanite of grade J-K are yellowish-green and fetch lower prices compared to the high-quality options.
  • Clarity. This is the quality of stone that points to a state of being free from inclusions.  These feathery or cloudy features impact the overall quality of moissanite hence determining the price as well. Clear stones fetch a better price.

Compare Different Ring Styles

With all the information at your fingertips, you can now study different moissanite ring styles available online. Use several options and make the right comparisons before settling for the final choice. This will help you look at several features before picking the final option. After that, you can pick your choice after ensuring that it meets the quality you are looking for in your ring.

Size and Resize Your Ring

With the help of a friend, find out the ring size of your partner. If she has a ring already, you can use it to get her measure. Your jeweler will need this measurement to resize your chosen ring to the correct size.

Final Advice

Making an online purchase for your moissanite ring is a lot helpful because you have the time to study all options and dealers before making the final choice. Do not hesitate to familiarise yourself with moissanite before making your choice.  Be armed with information to make a well-informed decision.

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