‘Cars Could All Be Fully Electric By 2025 If Government Embraces Personalisation Of Green Plates’ – CarReg.co.uk Boss

“UK cars could all be fully electric by 2025 – as opposed to 2030 – if the government embraces personalised green number plates,” according to the CarReg.co.uk CEO Jason Wilkes. CarReg.co.uk, was established in 1988.
“Buyers of green plates simply aren’t getting excited by just an empty green canvas, and nothing else,” says Wilkes. “What is the point?”

Currently, 62% of new car buyers are totally unaware that the Government’s green plate scheme even exists, according to a recent survey (Sep 2021) by AutoTrader Magazine.
The green plate scheme was devised to promote the early adoption of fully electric cars when it launched in December 2020.

“The PR’s for the DVLA understood this when Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was photographed with GRN PL8 on his green plate for the launch in December last year, but the green plate scheme itself doesn’t encourage personalisation whatsoever, which means it’s missing a trick.”

Wilkes has written to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps to point out where he believes the government is going wrong.

“Buying and selling cherished plates has been a staple for Brits ever since they were introduced in 1903. The Queen owns A7. Amir Khan purchased BOX 111G and Sir Alan Sugar acquired AMS 1. Green plates are no different. They need a buying and selling value to be properly adopted by Brits.”

Wilkes sees variations on ECO1 ECO2 ECO3 being a good seller. Or NO CO2. “TESLA plates already trade well. There’s also GRETA, COP26 to work with,” he says.

Health-related personalised plates have been doing great business for CarReg.co.uk during the pandemic. 1 NHS sold for £120,000. Shrewd investors have bought up variations of NHS plates.

“Climate change has become the new pandemic in many ways and plate buyers will inevitably follow that narrative as well.”

Personalised green plates will have as much buying and selling value as other cherished number plates like 9 AM at £125,000, 2 RJ at £62,500, and 5 GA for £49,500.

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