Music streaming with the best application and without any unnecessary interruption could make someone’s day better. And as many of the doctors have said, Music is a free therapy to your mind, and it helps you calm down and refreshes you.

Therefore today in this article, we will mention the six best music apps you can download. So, without any extra chat, let’s get started.

1. Spotify 

doubt Spotify is the first one. Spotify recently is declared as the streaming platform with the highest number of listeners. Without any failures or low quality, Spotify has tens of millions of songs, podcasts, playlists, video content, and radio stations. Many apps have good and bad features, but Spotify tops the charts always without wicked reviews. You can download it from many platforms as it is available in the whole world. The free service provided by Spotify is also very much far better than other apps. 

2. Apple Music

Here for apple music, I can not say it is the best streaming platform for music because, since 2015, it has been getting many negative reviews too, but after some updates, it has become a good one music app. Yet if you are not an Apple user, it might not provide access to all the features in the application. Also, here’s an additional resources page you can avail for Apple music. 

And you can only listen to it for free for a certain time up until the free trial is going on. After completion of a free trial, you will have to purchase a subscription. They have different offers such as students get a 50% offer, and a family plan also gives you some or other benefits. 

You can download it from any platform.

3. Youtube Music

Youtube music has launched recently only, but it is already taking over the google play music application. Youtube music has the millions of pretty songs you might be looking for, and as it is associated with youtube, you can also watch videos and listen. But for instance, it is a new application Google is adding new features and updates now and then, making youtube music grow more. The benefit of this app is that you can listen to them offline and without any ads, but you will have to buy a premium membership for that.

You can get access to this application from any platform.

4. Pandora

You must know about this app because it is quite famous among music lovers. Pandora is a decent streaming application, and it provides you two types of listening 1st one is a radio station, where the songs automatically keep streaming. You can skip them and like or dislike them as per your choice, and 2nd one is just like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. That means you can search for the song you want and listen to it. But of course, the 2nd one requires a subscription.

Pandora can not just be used in mobiles but also some cars. You can get your hands on Pandora from any platform.

5. Wynk Music

Wynk was launched in September 2014, and in 2019 it crossed 100 million downloads. This music streaming app is provided by airtel, but you can use it even if you are not an Airtel user. But if you are an Airtel user, you can use all the features for free.

With the airtel membership, you can download the songs and listen to them offline, and no ads will interrupt your listening. It is a great application as it has a balance between listeners of Bollywood and international category songs. 

Also, in recent Wynk has become the top music application as per daily active users in India. But all the arguments aside, if you are an airtel user Wynk music app is the best for you. 

Wynk can be downloaded from any platform.

6. iHeartRadio

As the name of the application says, If you are a radio fan, you will love this app. This app is free if you want to listen to the radio, and it charges you some money if you’re going to play your choice of song.

But the number of radio stations available on the iHeartRadio app is insane, they are so many, and each one has a good quantity of audience listening. Of course, it can not beat Spotify and apple music in demand for song requests, but when it comes to free radio station listening, no one can beat iHeartRadio.

You can not access iHeartRadio if you are not from the united states, Canada, Mexico, Australia, or New Zealand.


Most of these applications necessitate premium membership to use their ultra features, but if you want free service with better quality, I suggest Spotify and Wynk are the best.

All the music mentioned above streaming applications is best in their specific way. You can download any of them according to your choice and requirement.

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