Using public Wi-Fi? Why is VPN important for you?

Is Using Free Wi-Fi is safe? Why Is VPN important for you? Everything that is free, comes with a price. So is the case with free Wi-Fi. There may be places that offer you free and open Wi-Fi as an amenity.

These may include restaurants, malls, public places like railway stations, hospitals etc. These may be given to us as a boon that we should thank for. People encroach upon free Wi-Fi making all huge downloads and doing tasks which they think would not get a chance to do so easy again.

Cost of Free Wi-Fi!

Under the big word “free” which they see, they forget how costly this could turn out to be for them. A public Wi-Fi is many times used by the providers in order to get access to your data and browsing history.

They might be using this free Wi-Fi and certain authorities might be getting a sneak peak of what they are doing over their devices. Is losing your privacy worth a few minutes of free Wi-Fi? That is why it is important for you know to why vpn is important?

That is why there is a cost for Wi-Fi, so that it can be reliable and can protect your data and keep your privacy status intact.

Did you ever notice, when you search for a thing over the internet, wherever you go, that particular thing starts following you? Let’s take an example.

Like today, I search on the internet for tourist packages for Manali. After closing the browser, I open other apps like instagram, Facebook, or some online game that I play, and all I see are travel packages to different places, mostly Manali. Why does this happen?

This is an instance of misuse of your data. When you have access to any free or public Wi-Fi, and allow them to have some permissions, they have a look at your browsing history, gather your data and sell it to the relevant companies, in order to lure you into buying something that you were searching for, from the respective business that they promoted.

The solution.

Do not worry, VPN has your back! The loopholes of Public Wi-Fi don’t mean that you can’t use one ever. Using a VPN protects you from the data leaks that can occur while using public Wi-Fi.

The job of VPN is to provide security to your connection, by creating a private space between the public networks that can protect your data from being encroached upon.

The basic task of VPN is to provide you security. This can stop the hackers or people who wish to keep an eye over your browsing, away from your device and its data. How does a VPN do that? That we will study below.

Best VPN Service Provider

Strong VPN- Strong VPN is one of the best VPN service providers that offers amazing services to their users.

Express VPN- ExpressVPN is counted as one of the premium VPNs that has so many servers, features, and other facilities as-well. For your better understanding you can go through this Strong VPN Vs ExpressVPN comparison.

CyberGhost VPN- CyberGhost VPN is great at providing plenty of servers with a strict no-log-policy. Also, it provides you a 45 days money-back guarantee.

With these VPNs you can also do binge watching. These are the best VPN to Unlock Hotstar, Netflix etc.

VPN as your data’s personal shield!

The most basic features that are embedded in a VPN for serving your purposes include the following-:

  • End to end encryption

The best VPN service providers provide the best high end encryption of the latest technology, to save your data from being visible or leaked to anyone trying to breach your privacy.

  • Anti-logging

 The VPN itself, is unable to see what data you are surfing. It has a strict anti-logging policy that prevents its own providers to have access to your data and information.

  • Security and privacy

People use VPN for many purposes. Some use it for surfing websites and applications which are banned in their region. This is done evading the eyes of the authorities, else it will be claimed as to be illegal. Therefore, a person cannot compromise to have its data leaked in this scenario. Thus VPN provides them the privacy of data.

Some big businesses or firms use VPN to have the security of their data so that no one can have access to it. Data leak in a big firm may pertain to a lot of loss. Thus they require their data to be safe and secure.

  • Safety from unprotected networks

 Most of the VPNs have an automatic kill switch in them. This switch automatically turns off Wi-Fi when your device is connected to an unprotected or public Wi-Fi, without VPN being connected to its servers. This means, that if the VPN is connected to its server, one can use public Wi-Fi without any fear of losing data. But if the VPN loses its servers, the kill switch disconnects the Wi-Fi also, because Wi-Fi without VPN means great risk to the data on your device.

Therefore, VPN is a very essential tool in today’s world, where data has become more important than a person’s other belonging. Losing your data to someone might mean losing your existence.

Data privacy has become a very important task for every institution and individual in a world where there are thieves of data waiting out there to intrude into your personal and professional lives. Thus, using a VPN can safeguard you from the devils of the internet! 

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