4 Contests you can do on Instagram to grow your Brand.

Best practices when running a contest on Instagram

There are five things you need to explain when doing a giveaway. It is very important that you write them in the description of the photo and that they are easy to understand.

  • What are the rules: tag someone, follow their profile, use a specific hashtag, or all of the above.
  • Say what the prize is (preferably the photo you upload is of the prize).
  • Define when the contest ends.
  • Say when you are going to announce the winner.
  • Mention if there are any restrictions (for example, that only people who live in a certain city or state can participate).
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Idea # 1: tag in comments to participate

One of the most used, and the one that helps you to get to know new people the most. I recommend it if you are just starting out on Instagram.

When a person tags 3 of their friends in the comments, chances are that at least two of them will also start following you. If that two tag other 3 friends, a chain is created that will fill you with followers.

Pro Tip: Don’t ask contestants to tag their friends in the photo, they do so in the comments. Instagram punishes posts where there are people tagged who are not in the photo.

Idea # 2: Like the photo to participate

This option is the fastest for users, which means that there may be more participants with this option.

All you have to do is give  Like the picture where you promote the contest and now with that part.

Remember to use the legend “Double-tap to participate” or “Click on the little heart to participate”.

If you don’t have many followers yet, I recommend asking them to follow you as well.

Idea # 3: Complete the Challenge

This dynamic is more focused on generating conversation and a little “fight” between the participants.

The idea is that you post a photo that has a challenge that the participants have to guess or answer.

Most likely, more than one person has the correct answer, so this contest is ideal for giving away discount coupons for your store. 

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Idea # 4: Selfie or Photo Contest

We save the funniest for last. This idea consists of asking your followers to share a selfie or photograph where the content relates to your brand.

For example, if you sell shoes, ask your followers to share a photo with their best shoe + bag combination. If you sell makeup, ask them to share a selfie.

The best thing is that the winner is chosen by you instead of leaving it to chance.

Remember to create a specific hashtag for this contest, and that to participate it is necessary for everyone to put it in their photo. This article will help you easily filter the photos that are from your contest.

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