Which modern rugs to choose for your home

In the bedroom, in the hall or in the living room, modern rugs are essential furnishing elements to create a welcoming and refined atmosphere in every room of your home.

Whether it is patterned or plain, round, square or rectangular, a rug is able to immediately give a touch of originality and style to any type of furniture. Modern rugs, in fact, are very particular furnishing accessories, sometimes also made with unusual and recycled materials, which immediately catch the attention with their design textures.

But in addition to being beautiful, rugs are and must first of all also be functional, and solve a practical problem such as muffling noise, protecting floors, hiding an aesthetic defect or simply being a warm and soft surface where you can indulge yourself.

Characteristics of modern carpets:

– Design textures;

– Bright and vibrant tones;

– Innovative and recycled materials;

– Particular shapes;

– Versatility.

Modern living room rugs: choose them based on size, color and pattern

A carpet is able to furnish every corner of a house in an original way, giving an impeccable style and a warm atmosphere to every room. Modern rugs have bright colors, essential geometries, captivating prints, different pile lengths and above all they are extraordinarily versatile to adapt to any type of furniture.

Design of a modern carpet:

– Floral print;

–  Geometric patterns;

– Ramage or leaf motifs;

– Polka dots and stripes;

– Abstract fantasy.

When choosing the carpet for the living room, it might be interesting to play with patterns and colors, opting for a plain or Scandinavian design carpet that contrasts with the other furnishing accessories in the room. If the living room decor is full of furniture and furnishing accessories, instead opt for a modern carpet with an elegant but discreet design.

The important thing is to choose a carpet that aesthetically does not differ too much from the appearance of the living room and that above all is of the right size, not too small and large enough to ideally define the contours of the room. And whatever your choice is, make sure you maintain it with this affordable carpet cleaning service.

Modern living room carpet: which type is preferable

The carpet is anything but an irrelevant or secondary piece of furniture. In every room of the house, including the living room, a beautiful modern design carpet is that extra element that can give a unique and personal touch to the environment and enhance the other furniture in the room.

The choice of carpet for the living room will certainly depend on personal taste and also on the dominant theme of the furniture. If the carpet will be the cornerstone of a minimal and single-color furniture, then it is better to play on color contrasts with the sofa and other textiles to give the environment a more captivating style.

On the contrary, in an environment where soft and discreet shades prevail, then you have to choose rugs with prints and shades of the same chromatic scale as the rest of the room.

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