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What Does The Future Of The Logistics Industry Look Like?

Parcel delivery, the supply chain and logistics, in general, has been around for years. But with a number of emerging trends looking to streamline industries, the future of logistics is looking uncertain as there are a number of ways that technology can benefit it. In this article, we will be looking into some of what the future could hold for the logistics industry.

Automation Brings Efficiency

One of the biggest trends that we are seeing in the supply chain and logistics as a whole if the automation. This involves using machine learning and other technologies to process orders significantly faster. This is in part down to the need for quick delivery but also due to the reduction in human error as a result.

This is beneficial for the logistics industry as this will help businesses both large and small to compete. By automating processes such as sales, customer service and

Smart Supply Chains With Blockchain Technology

In addition to automation bringing efficiency, there is also the integration of blockchain in the supply chain system. This is not only useful when it comes to potential security threats, but it is beneficial for those that are looking to process orders quickly. Each order is placed into a box under its own individual hash. This aids many in terms of organisation as orders can be located and sourced easily. This is set to revolutionise the logistics industry as everything will be dealt with quickly and helps to aid in cybersecurity as all data can be encrypted and stored for company use only.

The Further Integration OF Drones

Though there are already the early stages of Drone use in the form of the amazon service, this is set to escalate in the near future. With the development of larger drones for delivery purposes as well as automated vehicles. This is not only set to increase the efficiency of the delivery service, but it can help to speed up logistics and monitor the delivery process in the long term. Though this will take time to develop, this is set to be a huge trend in the next decade that will see many companies developing new and exciting logistics solutions for parcel delivery.

Enhanced Tracking Capabilities

Though tracking is already evident in parcel delivery services. There is the further integration of packaging and tracking capabilities. Whether this is by Bluetooth or tracking number, this can ensure you have the tracking capabilities that you need. This can not only help to provide a streamlined service to customers, but this can also help to grow the businesses and aid in logistics. The more efficient the technology is the more this will benefit the supply chain. This can not only track deliveries, but it can help to monitor international shipments such as USA parcel delivery. This is beneficial for the logistics industry as orders can be tracked with ease and information can be accessed by everyone within the business.

This will aid in customer services enquires as all information can be accessed and can aid other departments in the process. Whether this is tracking shipments to an online store or monitoring the delivery of imports and exports, this more detailed tracking system is definitely a benefit in the long term.

The Integration Of The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is also another element that should be considered in 2020. This not only helps to speed up our lives at home, but it can also be used to help the logistics industry. With cloud storage on Android and Apple devices as well as Dropbox and other tools, information can be shared across a closed network quickly. This is changing the logistics industry as it enables work to be completed more efficiently. The use of cloud storage also helps for work to be completed by those out of office as information can be accessed through Dropbox. This is useful for those that have a number of shipping fulfilment centres around the UK as any orders made online can be processed and delivered quickly. This will, therefore, better the customer as well as the company as the all-round user experience is better.

The more streamlined this process will become, the better that the process is. This, therefore, is one of the biggest changes in the logistics industry that many are focusing on. This is because efficiency is key in the logistics industry due to the sheer number of orders that are being processed as a result of online shopping.

Developments In Greener Technology

Whilst technological advancements in computing software is important, the development of greener technology is also one that is set to change the logistics industry. Though there is the development of electric cars there is yet to be any changes to the trucks that delivery drivers are using. However, with stop-start technology and driving aids, the automotive industry is taking steps in the right direction. Furthermore, the development of more powerful batteries is set to benefit the logistics industry as this can be used to power much more powerful trucks as well as other machinery used within the process.

The Use Of Social Media

The final trend that is set to shape the future of the logistics industry is the use of social media. social media is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of communicating with customers and can be used by both businesses and customers every year. This comes as no surprise as Hootsuite found that 59% of Americans used a social media account to express a concern or have a question answered. These enquire are most commonly made on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter rather than other social media channels. Therefore, many businesses are setting up accounts on these social media platforms to provide effective communication across a number of channels.

Though the future of Logistics and this industry remains relatively unknown, there is no denying that automation and efficiency are key trends that we are set to see emerging in the ever-growing industry.

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