What Are The Steps Involved In Developing A Robust App Like Dream11?

People around the world love sports, especially football, baseball, and cricket. Entrepreneurs took advantage of this craze for sports to invest in such gaming solutions. There were several gaming apps launched earlier where users could play sports of their choice. However, in the last few years, this scenario has changed.

Today, users can not only play these games but also take part in various leagues and earn rewards. Users can create their own teams and participate in various online tournaments. Fantasy sports apps like Dream11 are now more popular than regular mobile gaming apps. 

What Is The Fantasy Sports App, And How Does It Work?

Fantasy sports are games, often played online, in which participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams made up of proxies for real players of a professional sport. Based on the statistics of the players in actual games, these teams compete for championships. Performances are then converted into points, which are then compiled and totaled using a roster selected by each fantasy team manager. The points are compiled and calculated by computers tracking the actual results. Like in real sports, fantasy sports owners draft, trade, and cut (drop) players.

Workflow Of Dream11 Clone App:

  • Users must enter contact information or log in via social media to use the app.
  • Users can select their fantasy team and contest once they register.
  • Upon signing up, a user is rewarded with some points. With this point, the user can contest their first game.
  • Based on recent performance and history, every player is worth some points. In order to participate in the contest, a user must form a team with a certain number of points.
  • The user gains or loses points during the match in their created team as soon as the match starts.
  • The users who win the contest gain all the winning points.

Let’s gain a vast knowledge of the features of the Dream11 Clone app, which are as follows,

User registration

Registering and logging in to apps should be convenient and hassle-free for users. Avoid collecting unnecessary information if you wish to simplify this step. Limit it to an email address or a mobile number with a password. Additionally, a number of apps allow users to register using their social media profiles or Google accounts. This makes it easier for users to register by using a one-tap registration method without having to remember multiple usernames or passwords.

Profile Setup

The user can customize his online player persona by adding relevant information to his profile dashboard. 

Edit Profile

Profile details such as username, phone number, email address, etc., can be entered in this section. Users can also edit, add, or delete information on this page.

Reward Points

Users can also check any reward points they have earned via their Profiles. You can see points earned, account balances, bonus offers, etc.

Home Screen

As a default, the user lands on the home screen after registering on the app. It is mandatory navigation in which the user gets a taste of everything that is available on the app. It consists of many tools like filtering or searching for games or matches, types of sports, category of matches, match listing, timing, tournament names, team names, and so on.

Search bar

The user can easily use the Search box to find specific games or sports still being played if the home screen seems too cluttered. As part of keyword search results, users can also see upcoming matches.

Sort and Filter 

Filters can further refine the search results. From the returned results, the user needs to pick the desired game. Users can view match details like timing, teams, and venues. Users are taken to the contest screen when they click the same.

League Arena

It is the essence of every fantasy sports app to have a league arena. It is vital to keep the audience involved in ongoing and upcoming tournaments and championships with this functionality. A clear explanation of the arena highlights such information as new leagues, the cost of entering leagues, winning ranges, rules of constitutions, size of tournaments, period, etc.

Payment mode

Users can pay through various methods such as debit/credit cards, net banking, and any other payment platform. The transaction history is saved and can be viewed later by the user.

The Revenue Model Of The Dream11 Clone App

The Dream11 clone app has a huge potential to gain a large amount of money. Let’s explore some ways your app platform can make you money.


Third-party advertisers are one of the most popular ways of monetizing your fantasy sports app. You can accomplish this by dedicating a specific area of the screen in the app that is not disruptive to the overall design and user experience.

Participation fee

There is usually an entry fee associated with major games, matches, and tournaments. This generates a consistent source of revenue. 

In-app purchases

Another revenue-generating option is to sell merchandise related to popular leagues and tournaments. Such products that showcase their favorite sportsman, teams, leagues, etc., are generally popular with fans.

An efficient way to Build sports betting app

Developing a robust sports betting platform from the ground up is quite time-consuming and requires a highly skilled app developing team which in turn costs a lot of money. The efficient way to develop an app like Dream11 is to use the clone script.

Dream11 clone script consists of all the advanced features and functionalities. It allows you to launch your app quickly as it is a readymade app. It does not require huge technical support and reduces the cost of developing your sports fantasy app. 

Wrapping up,

Sports betting app development has the potential to gain a vast amount of users in a short span. Get going with the white-labeled dream11 clone app and excel in your business in no time, and come out with flying colors.

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