Turkey: The Country To Get A Hair Transplant

By now you must have heard of hair transplant and the most popular place to get the procedure is Turkey. To be more specific, Istanbul.

You may wonder why people lose hair. There are many reasons, some are, genetics, stress, what they eat. This can happen to people who are in their 20’s or 50’s, it is all about genetics and your lifestyle. Hair transplant is usually thought of as a procedure for men but, lately women have started to come too.

Few years ago, the idea of getting a hair transplant wasn’t a very popular idea, because not many people had it done and because it was so unknown, people didn’t trust it. Now thanks to social media, we can watch and read about people’s experiences and as people see other people getting it and seeing the results, they started to think more positive about it.

At first famous people started getting it, in those times it was seen as a very expensive procedure, but as technology advanced, prices went down, and people who weren’t famous started getting this procedure. As we all know, the prices in the UK are pretty high, especially when you compare it with other clinics in other countries, one of the clinics that has made a name for itself is Clinic Center, not only do they do hair transplant, but they also do plastic surgery and cosmetic dental procedures.

A lot of people also go for a holiday whilst they are in Turkey and why not? The weather is great, the food is wonderful and the people there are just so welcoming. Usually people first do the holiday part as they can’t go swimming after a hair transplant, and then they get the procedure done. So it is a win-win for the patient.

Right now the most popular technique is FUE, what happens is, they take hair from your donor area(without damaging it), then transplant it on the areas that you discussed before the procedure. Once everything is healed, there isn’t a scar.

Of course you may want to speak to someone first before going all the way to Turkey, very understandable, Clinic Center has an office in London where you can talk about what they do, prices etc. or they do video consultation for those who can’t come to London. They don’t just look after you before and during, but they carry on looking after you when you are back at home! So patients who want to ask something or get checked can.

Now you know, there practically isn’t an age limit or sex limit for loss of hair and the solution is simple: hair transplant, some people have asked this question, is it temporary or not? The answer is, it isn’t temporary. As long as you are eating healthy and don’t smoke, you shouldn’t have any issues. One more question that keeps coming is, does it look natural or like a wig? If you get it done by an experienced trichologist, it will look natural.

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