The 3rs of managing solid waste: reduce reuse recycle

The 3r’s help reducing the amount of waste we dispose of. They conserve landfills, natural resources, and energy. They also save money and land that people use for rubbish removal London. Digging up a landfill is expensive due to public outcry and environmental rules and regulations. However, we cannot stop the production of the waste completely but each person can contribute significantly.


One of the best ways of waste management is not to produce it. This can be achieved by carefully shopping and familiarizing yourself with the guidelines.

Buying in bulk ensures that you dispose of less packaging material and save money by purchasing at a cheaper price.

Avoid buying over-packaged items. Some items come in more than one packaging like foil, paper, and plastic. These items are difficult to recycle and you also pay more for the packaging.

Do not buy disposable items like paper plates, lighters, and plastic cups. They add to the damage and are expensive since you have to buy them again.

Purchase durable items. These items last for long and save you money and also save landfill space.

When in school or work make two-sided paper copies to save on paper disposal

When filing use a central file rather than several files for people

Use electronic mail to save on paper

Prefer cloth napkins to paper napkins


Reusing material makes economic sense and also takes a lot of creativity.

You can reuse products for the same work. You can repair broken furniture, toys and other appliances. Reuse paper and plastic bags to serve the same purpose.

Use items for different purposes. You can use a coffee can to pack food

You can donate old furniture, toys and other items you no longer use to charities

It is better to use resealable containers than plastic

You can use ceramic cups to plastic cups. They are durable and reusable

Bring your own cloth bags to the store and reuse grocery bags. Avoid taking bags from the store unless you need them. You can also opt for skip bags services.


Recycling involves several steps taken to remanufacture a used material and selling it as a new product. You can adopt this process at work or at home.

Purchase items made from recycling material. There is a recycling symbol that signifies the item is made from recycled material or the item itself can be recycled. Most plastic containers have a recycling symbol with a code that shows which kind of plastic it is manufactured from. However, this symbol does not mean it can be easily locally recycled.

Check what curbside services and collection centers accept and start collecting these items. They include newspapers, metal cans, glass, plastics, paper products, and oil.

When purchasing office materials, ensure they are recycled

Ask for packaging and products from store managers that help minimize waste production like recycled items.

Buy products packaged from recyclable material that can be collected and recycled in your community

Use recycled paper for newsletters, letterheads, and copier paper.

Clearabee is the largest man and van rubbish clearance company in the United Kingdom. Our operations are spread across the UK having a workforce of in-house personnel and a fleet of over 100 vehicles. We have our own forest that offsets the CO2 emissions from our own cars. We offer waste management services. We have put measures to make sure that our country is as environmentally friendly as possible. We have planted over 19,674 trees since 2018 to reduce carbon emissions.

Our company ensures environmental sustainability by diverting 95% of waste from landfills. Our vehicles are built from an ultra-lightweight chassis to reduce the fuel used consequently reducing carbon emissions. Our vehicles have a real-time tracking device that monitors the drives real-time behavior and helps us enhance safe driving skills.

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