Time to replace the Computer in the Office | Windows 7 becomes too Dangerous

Service support for Windows 7 is just ending. No vulnerability or vulnerability will be patched. It’s time to replace the equipment with a new one. And I have a very good offer.

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft released the last set of patches for Windows 7. Further updates will be created for some time, but only for companies that will pay a lot of money for it. Almost all users of the 10-year-old operating system, after many warnings published well in advance, stay on ice.

End of technical support for Windows 7 – what does this actually mean?

The termination of service maintenance for Windows 7 does not mean that after January 14 computers with this system will stop working. Let’s not forget, however, that every computer connected to the Web is a potential target for cybercriminals who want to rob us of money, private data or even use our equipment as so-called zombies to attack other purposes.

Unfortunately, modern operating systems are too complex to provide their users with a guarantee of tight security. That is why service and technical support are so important – the affected Windows systems, if a security vulnerability is detected, are patched immediately, minimizing the risk of being infected.

In addition, the termination of technical support also means that Microsoft will no longer worry about the compatibility of its services with the Windows 7 platform. There is no longer any guarantee that in future services such as Office 365, Skype, OneDrive and the rest will work on this system.

This is a good time to buy a computer from Windows 10. And there is only one king in business: his name is ThinkPad.

Okay, maybe not just one. I must admit that more and more manufacturers offer attractive notebooks for work. However, there is no other brand with such a tradition as ThinkPad. Once IBM designs, today under the care of Lenovo, ThinkPad computers for decades have been praised by hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world for thoughtful design, stability, durability, and reliability.

However, there is no single, most universal computer for everyone and for all possible applications. So I decided to choose three proposals, differing in price, equipment, and construction. I am absolutely convinced that you will not regret buying any of this equipment. It’s hard to find a better portable computer for work. So it remains to choose the one that suits our needs.

Seventh generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Beautiful, slim and stylish.

For the most part, ThinkPad’s are characterized by quite crude aesthetics, emphasizing their practicality and reliability. Personally, I love her, but there are different tastes and preferences. For those who are looking for style and elegance in portable computers, Lenovo has prepared the ThinkPad X1 Carbon line. And its seventh generation is not only a pleasure to the eye but also great equipment.

This computer is only 14.95 mm thick and weighs only 1.09 kg. One might think that such a mobile Ultrabook has no right to work for a long time on its relatively small link. This person clearly does not know ThinkPad’s: the seventh generation X1 Carbon is supposed to allow even over 18 hours of work without connecting it to the charger. It is true that if we harness it to very intensive work, this result will probably be slightly worse, but it will reward us with another great feature of this computer: the Rapid Charge fast charging mechanism, thanks to which we will quickly gain more hours of work.

Despite the above, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon contains powerful components. However, it is still a computer for work, it cannot be that we do not work comfortably in any application. Lenovo has equipped the computer with an Intel Core 8 generation with 16 GB RAM and PCIe SSD memory. Long work with text or graphics is supported by a 4K display compatible with HDR and Dolby Vision or – optionally – a Full HD touch panel or a Privacy Guard display protecting our privacy from unauthorized sight. Speaking of security: there was a dTPM encryption module, a fingerprint reader and a physical webcam cover. All ThinkPad’s have passed 22 tests within 12 methods of the military standard MIL-STD 810G, which guarantee its operation in extreme conditions. The owners of this laptop can be sure that their device will be resistant to falls,

ThinkPad T490s – when work counts first and foremost.

In turn, the T490s is probably the closest computer to ThinkPad ideals. The characteristic design emphasizes its reliability, but it does not mean that it is an outdated computer. Just look at its display surrounded by extremely thin frames as a reinforced housing. This display is available in three versions: low-voltage in Full HD resolution, also Full HD touch screen and focusing on the highest image quality, compatible with HDR and Dolby Vision WQHD module.

The T490s will also find long-range microphones – this can be especially useful if you use Microsoft Teams or a similar service at work. These capture and reinforce the words spoken by the user even if he is doing something else at the other end of the room. 8th generation Core systems with a maximum of 32 GB RAM and memory up to 1 Tb PCIe SSD are responsible for performance.

Let’s not forget about battery life. The T490s will last up to 20 hours of work without recharging the battery, and the Rapid Charge technique will allow you to top up the charge from zero to 80 percent. in just an hour. There were also security solutions, i.e. the Privacy Guard module or the physical camera switch.

ThinkBook – when it does not just work that counts.

Originally, I had to stop at two ThinkPad proposals, but we decided to add the ThinkBook line to the proposal. Because many of us – according to the BYOD philosophy – use the same computer not only in the office but also at home. ThinkBooks combine entertainment and multimedia qualities with the high standards that are required by professionals who use computers for profit.

ThinkBooks are available in three varieties: 13-, 14- and 15-inch. They are all characterized by a high level of security, guaranteed, among others, by biometric security – the fingerprint reader is integrated with the power button, as in a smartphone – and the physical camera cover. In addition, they have a very interesting function, which is (limited) the ability to work in sleep mode. So the computer goes into a very low power consumption mode, but still synchronizes data – so that after waking up the user can immediately take care of the duties – and can also play music in this state.

The sound of music and movies is also to be very satisfying. These computers are equipped with the Dolby Audio Harman sound module. Multimedia will also look faithful to the original and in high-quality thanks to the Dolby Vision standard support. The Intel Core 10 generation and SSD memory are responsible for performance.

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