What makes blue blocker glasses, the need of the hour?

Did you know, blue blocker glasses can help you avoid a good amount of health issues? Yes, we aren’t kidding! Imagine yourself working all day on your computer. Additionally, you manage your social media accounts for your growth or maybe relax with the help of some scrolling on Instagram. The day ends and you sit back to enjoy a few late-night shows on Netflix. This happens all week. And then the weekend comes and you decide to go watch a movie at the theatre or at a friend’s place. Or maybe play a game or two. 

Is that how your life has been these days? If yes, then you need to take some serious efforts for your mind and body. We understand how you feel after a long day of work on the screens. But you got to understand the harmful effects of blue light too. And that’s the reason why you need blue blocker glasses that block the harmful blue light for you. Well, don’t go insane if you don’t really understand what it is and how blue light glasses can help. We are here to make you understand these terms. That’s exactly what this article is about. 

Is the Coronavirus pandemic leading the way for other issues?

The pandemic led to a lockdown all over the world, which got us stuck inside our homes with our devices. No going outside means the fun Saturdays at the park got replaced with movies with the family. Thus, leading to a dramatic increase in the exposure of blue light that screens like smartphones, laptops, and televisions emit.

Blue light is that portion of the visible light spectrum that has the most energy. This energy is not something that our eyes can handle. Therefore, it leads to many sorts of issues that affect you both in the short term and the long term.

Short term problems without blue blocker glasses

Computer Vision Syndrome

With regular use of devices and insufficient breaks, your vision starts getting blurry. You might have already felt eye strains and the following headaches. And then there’s the dry eye syndrome, which leads to a burning sensation. It may make you more prone to sensitivity because of which glare might trouble you a lot.

Poor Quality Sleep

Blue light is similar to daylight for our body. When daylight or blue light, in this case, enters your eyes, they send a signal to the body that it’s not time to sleep. This signal blocks the production of the sleep hormone – melatonin. This does not let your body sleep even if it’s actually the time to sleep. In simple words, blue light affects your circadian rhythm. This means you will take a lot of time to go deep into sleep after the lights are off. Therefore, you sleep late, wake up late, and the cycle continues.


This one seems to be a no-brainer to us. After all, who can work productively with a lack of proper sleep, eye strains, blurry vision and the headaches? No, not even Elon Musk and GaryVee. Especially, because most of the work of our era happens on our smartphones and computers. Thus, a solution is a must.

So, the blue blocker glasses jam the monstrous blue light and keep these short term problems at bay.

Long term problems without blue blocker glasses

Mental issues – Insomnia & Depression

You just read about how blue light hampers your sleep quality. Knowing that digital screens have become an integral part of our lives, it’s not wrong to assume that if they can cause poor sleep today, they will cause the same tomorrow. And then the day after. Soon the chaotic sleep cycle can make you insomniac and sleep will become a far off thing for you. 

The problem grows serious when neurotoxins start building up in your brain and cause cell damage. The repair needs incredible amounts of nutrition and rest. This process is not feasible for your body as it gets no sleep. The result is growing damage, mood disorders and stress that comes with the overall scenario. Thus, leading to depression. 

Physical issues – Diabetes & Obesity 

The reduction in melatonin is also said to reduce the production of another crucial hormone called cortisol. The stress hormone is necessary to metabolise the glucose that your body consumes. But without it, your body will store your energy (read dinner) as fat. Thus, making you obese eventually.

Studies have shown that blue light also creates an increase in blood sugar levels. This rise means you can become prediabetic soon even if your family does not have a history of diabetes. And if your family does have such a history, you need to be aware of your blue light consumption apart from sugar consumption daily.

Physical issues – The Eyes

Don’t forget, the blue light hits the eyes first and everything else gets affected only later on. As this light hits the retina (the back layer of your eyelids which helps you see), it damages the cells present there. The central part of the retina is known as macula and the resulting disease is called macular degeneration. Apart from this, you might also raise your chances of having cataracts.

Thus, you see, there are far more problems to face if you don’t use blue blocker glasses regularly. A pair can assist you with both physical and mental health issues along with taking care of your productivity. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you want them as gaming glasses or as regular glasses for work or chill sessions, the pair with advanced X-blue lenses will make sure to block all blue light for you. 

So, grab the weapon your health needs today. Buy glasses online from Specscart at a nominal price. We make sure to not burn your pockets. That’s why we make lenses that are fully loaded with free coatings like anti-glare and anti-UV. Also, there’s a free scratch-resistant coating for the clumsy souls out there, on lenses that come with impact-resistant frames.

If you wish, you can always choose to try up to 4 frames from the comfort of your home. Again, for no cost. That too, for a whole long week. Additionally, you get free shipping on any order no matter which country you live in. After all, the intention is to help you protect your eyes and health with blue blocker glasses. 

Buckle up! Get a friend for your eyes today!

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