10 Best Email Marketing Software to use in 2020

If you are running any kind of business, your objective should be spending less and saving more. More saving translates to more earning. On top of that, cost-saving is more interesting as the process never ends.

Today, most businesses spend thousands of dollars in email marketing investment. This cost involves hiring expensive services thatpromise high ROIs and numerous features. However, despite the high price, some cheap bulk email service provider offers the same success. They have all the vital features needed for a productive email campaign.

Therefore, to assist you in choosing the best here are 11 cheapest email marketing software which is suggested by our team HelpBot:

  • GetResponse

An online but affordable email marketing that has low prices and amazing features. Among the features are list management, landing page creator, A/B split testing, email creator, autoresponders and others.

GetResponse offers different prices. To be precise, this service charges based on the number of subscribers you have in your contact list. For example, it costs $65 for a maximum of 10,000.

Also, it offers discounts for annual purchases and non-profits. And, they have an active support team.

  • MailGet

MailGet is the most reasonable and cheapest email marketing service. Further, it offers multiple amazing features that you can use to perform effective email marketing for your business. Furthermore, it comes with outstanding features. For example, google analytics integration, many SMTP connections, signup forms, plan your email, drip emails, autoresponders, list management, drag & drop email builders, and others. All these are offered at lower and affordable prices.

Besides that, your managing servers is not a concern because this service gets hosted completely.

It has innovative pricing plans which offer you the adaptability of paying for just the emails you send alongside your monthly subscription fee based on your contact list. Some of the many SMTP servers you can connect with MailGet include Mailjet, SendGrid, Amazon SES,and others. For this reason, high deliverability is guaranteed. While this plugin charges you based on the number of subscribers in your list, Amazon SES charges $0.1 /1000 emails.

For example, you get charged $29 to send unlimited emails to a maximum of 10,000 subscribers. Moreover, it offers you multiple features at low prices, and its way of marketing is innovative.

  • CakeMail

A cheap email solution that assists businesses in sending productive newsletters within a short time. Apart from cheap prices, it provides users with a simple means of sending emails.

Besides that, it comes with great features like support, tracking, analytics, list management, and handmade templates.

Still, its pricing plans are based on the number of subscribers that goes up to 25,000 subscribers. Beyond that, you must contact their sales team. Furthermore, its interface is attractive and exciting to use. And, all the plans do not come with their logo.

  • Pabbly Email Marketing

This cheap bulk email is ideal for business persons who would like to send many emails to their users using a single click. Also, this service enables you to start direct contact with your customers and to manageyour email and contact lists.

It eliminates the lengthy procedure of integrating SMTP, which results in confusion. Because of this reason, all you need is verifying your email and then start to send emails with ease.

So, you do not require an extra budget for integrating other expert SMTP servers. Rather, subscribe to a plan depending on your users, then send them emails at a cheaper price. The prices of this service are cheaper compared to other services.

Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface for easier management of your contact list. To plan email alongside the drip campaign.And, to customize your email templates.

The pricing plans for this cheap email marketing service depend on the number of subscribers. For example, the Pro Plan charges $49 per month to send unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers.

  • Campaigner

This email service claims to have the ability Instead of emails into revenue. Indeed, its design suits all business sizes. And, this cheap email campaign service provides expert email campaign builder. Target email auto-responders and workflows, and higher list segmentation & management tools.

Further, it offers different pricing plans which depend on the number of subscribers in your contact list. The max number is a total of 100,000. But, unlike other plans, the cost increases from above 25,000 contacts.

Still, you can customize the high volume pricing plans by either calling their support or request a quote.

  • MooSend

Although MooSend is not popular, it is the cheapest email marketing software. Plus, it enables you to send email campaigns at cheaper prices. Also, it has both API and SMTP connections and almost all vital features.

Above all, this email service offers two plans; monthly and Pay as you go. Whereas the monthly charges depend on the number of subscribers, the pay as you go plan charges based on the volume of emails.

The plan goes up to 800,000 subscribers at the cost of $2320 per month.

  • Constant Contact

An affordable email marketing solution that comes with great features and cheap prices. Also, it is perfect for analytics and support. It provides a good number of email templates, as well as list creating tools.

Their pricing is for up to 10,000 subscribers. Above that, you must contact their sales team. Above that, this service offers 10-30% discounts for non-profits and pre-pays. And, 100% money-back guarantee. Remember, their terms and conditions apply.

  • SendinBlue

Besides being a cheap email marketing service, it comes with many features like subscriber segmenting, manages subscribers list, RSS to email, signup forms, quickstats, and email analytics.

Their charges come in two parts. First of all, the premium pricing plan that you can either pay on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. Second, the extra subscriber pricing based on your contact list.

You should contact their customer support if you have over 25,000 subscribers to get a customized plan.

  • iContact

Among the most affordable email marketing software in the market is iContact. Its prices are cheap, and it supports many features at a go. Besides that, it offers many features such as online survey, 3rd-party connection, email builder, A/B split testing, and autoresponder.

Moreover, their pricing plan charges depends on the number of subscribers in your contact list. And, a free trial, as well as an annual 15% discount.

You must contact their support to get a customized plan for over 15,000 users.

  • Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the cheapest bulk email services which provides features such as Analytics, RSS to email, A/B testing, and others.

Furthermore, it provides three pricing plans that depend on the number of subscribers. These are High Volume Sender, Growing Business, and Entrepreneur.

But, the Entrepreneur is a free email marketing plan which provides 12,000 emails for a total of 2,000 contacts in a month.

Also, it gives the “Pay as you go” plan whenever you buy email credits and utilize them as per your need. For example, buying 10,000 email credits costs $ 200. However, this plan is expensive compared to the rest, although you can use your credits whenever you want.

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Some of these best and cheapest email marketing services offer free trials from 15 to 60 days. However, you should select paid plans to access and enjoy all the features. All these email marketing services do not require any setup costs, and you are free to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

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