Unlike Scams, QNET Encourages the Next Generation of Direct Sellers

Entrepreneurship appeals to younger generations. According to a 2022 Prosper Insights & Analytics survey, more than 10% of responding Generation Z members confirmed plans to start their own business within six months. As one of Asia’s leading e-commerce-based direct selling companies, QNET makes a great effort to help everyone understand that it’s not a scam but an excellent way for hardworking, budding business owners to succeed in their entrepreneurship journey.

QNET has helped motivate people to become successful microentrepreneurs since it was founded in 1998. Unlike pyramid schemes and scams, the direct selling company operates transparently and provides the tools and training necessary for young, motivated entrepreneurs to succeed.

A survey conducted by the cloud software platform ActiveCampaign found that 45% of consumers recently considered creating their own employment opportunities. In comparison, 56% of students surveyed said they’ve contemplated launching their own enterprises in the past year.

Establishing a startup has its share of challenges, such as securing funding, lack of demand, ineffective marketing, and financial management. In addition, entrepreneurs face many obstacles, including struggling to find a suitable business model and product market fit, lack of cash flow, overworking, and burnout, leading to high stress and anxiety levels.

However, QNET’s technologically advanced business model has proven to be an excellent way to become an entrepreneur with minimal investment.

Don’t Get Fooled by Scams and QNET Imposters

A direct selling company is an excellent alternative to a traditional nine-to-five corporate career for anyone who wants a different path toward financial independence. The global direct selling establishments market is expected to increase from $688.45 billion in 2022 to $763.85 billion in 2023.

QNET has a presence in over 25 countries worldwide with core offices in  Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. It offers various products, from health and wellness to educational aids and luxury products such as jewelry and watches. And it ships those products to customers in almost 100 countries worldwide. However, even though QNET is at the forefront of the changing face of entrepreneurship, it sometimes gets mistaken for a scam or pyramid scheme.

“While direct selling is more than a century old, it is still in the very early stages in many emerging economies and, hence, not properly understood. As a result, many people assume it is some type of financial or investment scheme, and they are wary of it,” said QNET CEO Malou Caluza.

Scammers trick consumers by pretending to be from a company they know and trust. Unfortunately, a few offenders have committed fraudulent crimes posturing as QNET. This has negatively affected the company. To avoid scams by imitators, don’t believe claims of sky-high profits and get-rich-quick opportunities. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed in the direct selling industry, so those are a few red flags.

While often identified as a scam in the media, the direct selling company provides extensive training to its distributors to ensure that they follow professional business practices. In addition, it created the 10 QNET Red Lines to help entrepreneurs ethically conduct their business.

These rules include that all distributors must be of legal age and can’t overexaggerate about the compensation plan, manipulate the registration process, or hold prospects against their free will. In addition, distributors are forbidden from abusing the QNET name, taking someone’s personal identification documents, cheating prospects or pressuring them to purchase products, and spreading false news about the direct selling company.

Getting Every Generation Excited About the Direct Selling Industry

QNET is an exciting opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs from all generations. However, it recognizes that to get people excited about the business, it must keep the onboarding process quick and easy.

The direct selling company fully engages in digital, mobile, and social media marketing. QBUZZ is the platform for current company information and product updates. It’s also the spot to celebrate distributors’ success stories.

What makes the direct selling industry appealing? For starters, it’s recession-proof, which is comforting during times of economic uncertainty. It’s also gender-neutral and doesn’t discriminate based on someone’s age, education, or socioeconomic background. More than 74% of direct selling distributors worldwide are women, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Association’s 2019/2020 report.

“Anyone can have access to the opportunity to become an entrepreneur at a very low cost, provided they are willing to put in the hard work and have the right mindset to build a business,” Caluza said.

She continued, “Direct selling is an industry where gender or background does not dictate one’s success; hard work and a passion for building relationships with people is the most integral part of our distributors’ success stories.”

Is Gen Z the future of the direct selling industry? A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey found that the 11% of Gen Z in America’s labor force is expected to grow to 30% by 2030. And they enjoy the flexibility and freedom to work at their own pace. In fact, 62% of them cited flexible job opportunities as their top priority, according to a study conducted by Bankrate and YouGov.

As more people seek flexibility in their work, the direct selling industry will continue to grow in popularity.

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