Reasons & Benefits Of Showcasing User-Generated Content On Brand Website

Social media is a massive platform that caters to a wide range of social media users. Ever since the inception of these social media platforms, users post a variety of content. Even though the content created is mostly according to the overall vibe of the platform, it has proven to be highly beneficial for brands. Wondering why?

Amongst the gigantic pool of content found on social media, users widely voice their opinions and give their reviews and feedback about brands and businesses. They post content around the experiences they had with the brand. This content is of extreme importance and value to brands since it helps them build their reputation and gain the trust of potential customers.

The aforementioned content is referred to as User-Generated Content and in this post, we are going to tell you about how User-Generated Content can completely transform your brand.

Keep reading till the end of the blog and you will be in for some incredible revelations regarding User-Generated Content!

Introduction To User-Generated Content

As the name suggests, User-Generated Content is the content created by the users of the brand for the users of the brand.

Yes, you read that right! Surveys suggest that more than 80% of brand users go through the reviews and content of other existing users to make a purchase related decision.

This content can be in the form of photos, videos, tweets, reviews, gifs and further displaying it on major marketing touchpoints as websites can help a great deal in reaping the benefits this strategy offers. We shall be shedding light on the benefits and reasons for doing so in the next section.

Being completely created by the users, User-Generated content is the most authentic, genuine, and trustworthy form of content found online. This content is completely unsponsored and unscripted which makes it extremely reliable.

User-Generated Content is the new-age marketing strategy and is highly being adopted by brands and businesses.

Have a look at the benefits and reasons for embedding UGC on your website.

Reasons & Benefits Of Displaying User-Generated Content On Your Website

Eases Out The Purchase Making Decisions Of Customers

Often brands take the help of proper professionals to create posts. A well-clicked photo with proper lighting and editing, featuring a model would surely be pleasing to the eye but it would certainly not be as relatable to your potential customers.

Instead, a raw, unfiltered and real post would look relatable as the colors, style, and fitting of the product would be more evident. Moreover, the major concern of customers is mostly whether the product would suit them or not.

When you feature posts with real images, real customers, and real lighting, your customers are assured of the quality and looks of the product. This would in return enable your potential customers to get better clarity on the product which would lead to a better purchase decision.

Raise Brand Credibility 

One of the biggest reasons and benefits of leveraging User-Generated Content is that it helps brands gain the trust of their customers. This is because people find it easy to relate to the content of other customers more than the brand’s published content.

This is perhaps because people feel that other customers may go through similar experiences or may have similar issues with a brand’s product like them. Hence, they leverage UGC seriously and by embedding it on your website, you give your customers a push to purchase and try out your products.

Best Strategy To Increase Conversions

The major concern that every brand goes through is increasing the conversion rate. Extensive research has proven that User-Generated Content works 85% more effectively than any other content to increase conversion.

Displaying UGC on your website is a sure-shot way of instilling faith and confidence in your website visitors, which would in return increase your brand conversions.

Focuses The Limelight On Your Customers

As mentioned above, since User-generated content is unsponsored and solely created by your customers because they like your products, displaying user-generated content on websites would shift the focus entirely on them!

They would be the face of your brand and would act as brand ambassadors since they vouch for your brand and its products.

Doing so would bring in a sense of responsibility within them and your other users would also create content since they too would want to be featured on your website!

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

This brings us to the end of the blog. We are positive that you must be completely in awe of the content created by your customers on social media.

For displaying the content, all you need to do is find the perfect social media aggregation tool and you will be all set to display the feeds on your website.

Since you are now aware of it all, we highly recommend you get going and start off right away!

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