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Importance of Anger Management in Business by Alessandro Des Dorides

Anger is a natural phenomenon that occurs from time to time when we are in difficult situations such as being unvalued by someone or in extreme stress. Extreme tension or stress generally rise when people fight for their opinion.

To keep your business safe and effective, here are some tips from business consultant Alessandro Des Dorides that help you to control or overcome your anger.

Create a professional business environment:

You should inspire positive behaviour and reasonable problem solving to set a measure for people how to behave at work. In accordance, you often need to look at your selection process. Lawrence Bossidy, says that “Nothing we do is more important than selecting and maturing people. You trust people, not on strategies”. So, anger management is the foremost strategy while you are in business.

You should focus on hiring people who have a positive attitude to work and communicate with others without disagreements and arguments.

Build an excellent example of yourself:

It is only human nature that behaviour filters down from people in senior positions and influences others in the group. If the boss or senior staff let their mood control them, then everyone in the team will do the same. A respectful leader shows everyone by example, what professional behaviour looks like, which encourages people to improve themselves.

If the senior staff does not share their aggressive approach, their junior team will realize and will not let them get away with performing up in the business.

Knowing that emotion is affecting the situation:

We usually find ourselves in a cycle when we get stressed where we are responding by getting more and more in the issues and becoming more and more stressed about it. In stress, frustration and anger, we talk more from the heart instead of the head. According to Benjamin Franklin, “Passion is not without wisdom, but sometimes a good one.” So, getting angry for no reason is foolish behaviour. There should always be an anger management ability in you in any situation.

If a person is talking to us in a way that he creates frustration, then automatically we respond to that person from heart, not from head. It continually causes difficulties in communication as these two routes do not speak well to each other.

Do not fix a person:

It is not easy that you will change the person’s behaviour with one or two well-spoken words. Their habit of anger is likely deep-seated and beyond your ability to correct in a single try.

Search methods to prevent their behaviour from affecting the work environment, and direct them to professional help when the time is right.

Final Words:

Anger management is crucial because if someone has no control over his anger can create problems for himself and also for others. When a person learns how to manage anger, then he/she competes with every situation in the business. The person will become an example for others, and they will be encouraged to improve their behaviour.

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