How Well Does the Eco-friendly Sportswear Trend Benefit the Business Industry and Environment?

What “Eco-Friendly” Mean?

The word simply describes a commodity that is not environmentally harmful. Though, it can become more complicated than that, as there are many facets of something that might be “environmentally harmful.” So many different things can harm the environment, such as not following proper protocols when disposing of products. However, there are many advantages to using environmentally friendly products that not only focus on Earth’s health and well-being but also your family’s health and well-being.

The air we breathe & the land we live on is deeply damaged by pollution & toxins; companies that produce environmentally friendly goods steer clear of these issues by using solar energy to run their planet.


With the turn of a new year comes a fresh determination to remain active. This seasonal transition is the perfect time to renew our self-care, health and well-being commitment. Sportswear is becoming more of a staple for daily wear beyond just preparing for a good workout, and people are always looking for conscious businesses.

From Martial Arts Training Equipment to your boxing gloves and your tennis shoes, a sport requires a long list of essentials. With fair trade and ethical labor practices, natural and recycled fabrics, and local, limited, and conscious production, a large number of brands are doing their part to provide consumers with high-performance sportswear and sports equipment while protecting both people and the planet.

Chances are that while you might remember taking a few reusable bags to the store, asking for a drink without a plastic straw, or even pouring your morning coffee into a Keep Cup, you probably haven’t even considered the impact our increasing sportswear fixation has on landfills, oceans and the wider world.

“A lot of fitness fans can do to make a difference in the world; make sure your active wear purchases are reusable or returnable, made from recycled products whenever possible, and your sports bottles are made of metal instead of plastic to reduce plastic waste.”

Below, instead, are some of the most sustainable and trendy sportswear labels that reclaim plastic from the ocean or reduce fabric waste. It’s all about price, not the volume-not landfill.

While sportswear continues to make its way into daily wear, there is a growing number of companies willing to promote our casual approaches ethically and sustainably. The majority of outdoor sports companies are often the most knowledgeable about sustainability, probably because they have a personal interest in not wanting to waste the planet.

Every person has to do their bit to help save our environment because the planet is overrun by pollution. An easy way to get started is by wearing environmentally-friendly sportswear. Here are some of the environmental benefits of this Decision:

·      It Reduces the Number of Pesticides Released into The Environment

Many clothes are made of cotton and a lot of pesticides are needed to ensure a safe crop. By wearing clothes that are second hand or eco-friendly, you are reducing the number of pesticides used daily as you are lowering the demand for clothing.

·      It Reduces Toxic Waste

Clothes dyes are massively harmful to the environment and cotton clothing requires 1/3 of a pound of chemicals for a single shirt. That amount adds up and is disastrous for our environment.

·      Maintenance Is Greener

Clothes produced from eco-friendly resources need special care. This means washing clothes in cold water not used a tumble dryer and not using chemical detergents. All of these things help to reduce your carbon footprint.

·      You Support Animal Rights

Clothes made of leather or fur require the deaths of many animals. For many people, the guilt of wearing these clothes is too much. By switching to cruelty-free clothing you can rest assured that your fashion didn’t cause the death of another living being.

·      You’ll Be Less of a Strain on Our Planet’s Resources

Clothing materials take a lot. Cotton especially as well as many others. The materials to make clothing are fast running out and to keep up with demand farming practices that are harmful to the planet have been used. By buying clothes made from renewable materials such as hemp, you are reducing the demand. This will lead to a reduction in the pollution clothing manufacturing causes.


Outside of the clear environmental benefits to being an eco-friendly business with sustainable products. These benefits range from effects on your product itself to the factory that they are produced in.

The majority of people is into sports and is aware enough to opt. for eco-friendly sportswear. So the profit margins can be satisfying.

Here are a few benefits for your business by producing eco-friendly sportswear;

·      Your products will last longer

Today, consumers are becoming more interested in buying quality products than in pricing. While synthetic fibers are cheaper to produce, they cause pollution and require more energy. By using non-synthetic fibers to make organic fabric, your products will last longer through the wash and wear. Not only is this great for the lifespan of your products, but it will also make your consumers aware of its quality.

·      It’s better for factory workers

By producing with a factory certified by the Fair Trade Act, your products will be allowed to use the Fair Trade Certified™ label on their products. This means that your product was produced by a factory with safe working conditions and with fair wages for employees. Not only is this a morally right thing to do, but it also shows your consumers that you care about more than just about your bottom line.

·      More consumers want eco-friendly products

A study shows that 72% of millennial consumers made buying eco-friendly products a top priority. In an industry where trends are everything, you must keep up on those trends.

No matter what, your business should be doing its part in protecting our planet. The fashion industry is a huge contributor to global pollution due to the use of chemicals and pesticides used for cotton, as well as harsh chemicals in dyes. So, by producing organic and eco-friendly sportswear, you are minimizing your brand’s footprint on the world. And that should be reason enough to go eco-friendly!

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