How to Choose the Best Software Automation Testing Services

No software product can be produced without testing. Moreover, throughout the life cycle of its development, any software will need repeated testing.

·         Tests are run at every stage to detect bugs.

·         After the defects are eliminated, tests are launched again.

·         After adding any functionality, you need to check the software product several times in terms of the performance of the previous functions.

Doing these multiple tests manually is quite a laborious process. Therefore, test automation is the most rational choice in a situation when your company is releasing a software product on an ongoing basis or as needed.

Why Is Automated Testing Better Outsourced?

Not only automated testing but also the development of tests are rather challenging processes. They cannot be carried out by superficial and poorly educated specialists. Otherwise, they will not only miss errors in the software but also add new ones.

But is it worth creating a separate QA department and looking for professionals only for individual projects? Indeed, for good results, the team must be well-coordinated and have shown high efficiency on many other projects!

What to Look for When Choosing an Automated Testing Services Company

The best specialists are the most in-demand. Therefore, when choosing a company, always pay attention to the following indicators:

·         Number and scale of completed projects.

·         Staff and their qualifications.

·         Types of automated testing provided by the company.

·         Readiness for flexible forms of project management.

·         Approaches that are used when creating automated testing scripts.

The Best Experts in Automated Testing Work in Zappletech

Zappletech is what you require for perfect automatic testing of your software products:

·         Localization and Penetration testing

·         Functional and Performance testing

·         Regression and Compatibility testing

·         Other testing types you may need

The experience of cooperation with multiple projects has produced three main forms of cooperation that Zappletech is ready to offer its clients:

·         Fully-managed testing: it is used when the client company fully trusts all operations with the Zappletech test team and receives a fully finished product as a result.

·         Co-managed testing: the entire testing process is controlled and managed by the customer company. Zappletech specialists perform all kinds of necessary work.

·         Outstaffing: Zappletech provides the customer company with all the necessary resources for automated testing.

Very often, companies that initially preferred the second and third types of cooperation switched to fully-managed testing already following the results of the very first projects. Seeing the quality of the work performed and the level of Zappletech specialists, clients understand that there was no need for their own control, and they could completely trust its professionals.

An ideal software product is only possible when a perfect development team is working on its creation. But any work needs to be tested, no matter how great and professional a team you have gathered. Zappletech is ready to carry out all the necessary work for your project in the shortest possible time and in compliance with all the rules of automated testing. Both you and your customers will appreciate the professionalism of the Zappletech team!

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