Here are 10 ways to teach children the joy of giving

In today’s competitive and self-centered society, raising compassionate and selfless kids is very challenging. It is a responsibility that every parent owes. But how can you teach children to find joy in giving just as much as they do in receiving? A huge part of this involves teaching the right values to them. 

We have compiled some ideas to help you teach your children the joy of giving.

Time is a precious present.

Children must be taught at an early age that sharing and giving are two aspects of conscious time management. Although children may demand a lot of attention, they need to understand that parents have many other priorities to focus on, and they cannot always be available. Once they learn this, they will be able to help others as well. At the very least, they’ll understand the value of respecting others’ time when necessary.

Teaching by Example

We can best teach and develop our children’s positive traits by modeling what we expect of them. For example, show kids, you care for the other members of your community. Children’s minds are like sponges, absorbing and then replicating behavioral traits, both good and bad. To start copying, provide them with some good models.

A Daily Practise

Giving something selflessly is not limited to the holiday season or someone’s birthday. Furthermore, gifts are not the only thing to share. Our everyday lives are filled with endless things to give. For instance, a helping hand, baby pyjamas that no longer fit you, a chocolate bar, or simply being there for someone can make a difference.

The motive is to make ‘giving’ become almost a subconscious act, not something that feels premeditated or imposed on children. 

Practise Gratitude

It is extremely valuable to teach and show gratitude to our children by recognizing the hard work. Acknowledge the contribution of social workers like teachers, doctors, sanitation workers, etc… You may want to stop by and chat with them. Encourage your kids to ask questions about their jobs and offer them small gifts.

Being kind to everyone 

When you pass by a dog or cat, do not chase them away, instead, welcome them and feed them. This will impart responsibility and kindness in your children. 

Helping Hands

Visiting a nursing home or spending time with older people is one of the best ways to teach your children empathy. These activities can be enjoyable both for your children as well as for others. Furthermore, it is a win-win scenario since children learn from your example while having a blast listening to some classic tales.


Cleaning out your closet periodically can be the perfect opportunity to donate some items to charity or other service organizations. First, engage the kids by having them sort clothes according to sizes, colors, and genders. Then, make sure you accompany your kids to deliver the goodies. 

In addition to their clothes, please encourage them to pick out some old toys and assemble some handcrafted gift boxes to be given to less fortunate children. You may also want to consider offering some new organic clothes for babies to avoid giving children the false impression that only old clothes can be donated.

Learning from each other

Getting your kids and their friends together for study sessions can be extremely beneficial as they start to support and learn from one another. Mutual assistance and information-sharing allows children to bond with their peers and understand the importance of a support group. 

Ensure that kids learn the joy of giving as the first step to raising more compassionate individuals!

If your kid is able to relate to someone else’s happiness, then your work has been successful.

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