7 Serious Mistakes Due To Which Medicines Become Ineffective

Sometimes we take medicines, but the treatment does not bring the expected result. If something similar happened to you, and you are thinking about what could be the reason for what happened, pay attention to this article. In it, we will talk about the main mistakes that we make when taking medications. As a result of these mistakes, medicines do not work properly.

A sick person believes in the magical power of drugs, not for a moment doubting that they will help him recover. But the reality is sometimes quite different. And his recovery is taking a long time. Quite often this happens due to mistakes that we make when taking medications.

We identified the main factors that reduce the effectiveness of medicines. Thus, we will list the main mistakes that most people due to which medication becomes ineffective.

Mistakes That Make Medicines Ineffective

With health, jokes are bad, so each of us must strictly follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor. In any case, do not try to self-medicate and make the mistakes listed below:

Be Careful of What You Drink

Not all drinks are suitable for taking pills with them. Sometimes we make the mistake of taking medicine with the drinks we have on hand. But some of them can significantly reduce the effectiveness of medicines. So, because of coffee and cola, drugs break down too quickly, and tea can slow down the absorption of the components of medicines.

Also, do not drink medicines with milk as dairy products reduce the effectiveness of drugs. It is not recommended to use orange juice for this purpose as well. It is best to drink medicines with plain water at room temperature. Use other drinks only if it is written in the instructions for taking the medicine.

Avoid Alcohol 

The combination of alcohol and certain medications can even be deadly. It can lead to internal bleeding, breathing problems, fainting, and heart problems. Therefore, those who have alcohol addiction must consult their doctor regarding this problem before starting any medication. 

Alcohol abuse itself poses a great threat to a person’s health and makes medication for any health problem ineffective. The only solution is to give up alcohol addiction and for this, you can get professional help. If the financial burden of the treatment is stopping you from living an alcohol-free life, you can take the assistance of special programs. 

There are several healthcare companies, such as New Directions Behavioral Health, that are working with insurance providers to help those in need. So if you are also suffering from addiction, New Directions behavioral health rehab centers can provide you with free or low-cost treatment.

Medicines And Inappropriate Food

Some foods can also adversely affect the effect of medications. So, you should not take medicine with meals. This is especially true when we eat them with high-fiber foods. Remember that you should never do this. Moreover, mint is able to remove part of the components of drugs from the body, reducing the effectiveness of treatment. 

You should also avoid foods such as oats, cauliflower, berries, green salads, pumpkin, legumes, mushrooms, and products made with whole-grain flour. It should be borne in mind that taking certain medications requires a special diet. If this is your case, it’s best not to improvise. In any case, it is better to consult with your doctor than to make inappropriate decisions on your own.

Violation Of The Medication Routine

Compliance with the regimen of taking medications is equally important. It must be strictly adhered to, especially in the case of taking antibiotics. This is because, for the effectiveness of treatment, the concentration of drug compounds in our body must remain constant. Otherwise, the course of treatment will not bring the desired result. 

If you forget it’s time for your next pill, make a note of yourself. The most important thing is to strictly observe the regimen of taking medications and not to skip dosages. You cannot increase or decrease the dosage of certain medications on your own. Always listen to your doctor and follow the prescribed amount for getting effective results.

Mixing Drugs

If the doctor prescribed you several different medications and you don’t know if you can take them together, it’s best to play it safe and take them separately. After taking the first drug, you must wait at least half an hour before taking another medicine.  You should not take several medicines together unless prescribed by your doctor. It will surely help you make the most out of that medicine and get recovered soon.

Incomplete Course Of Treatment

Sometimes it seems to us that our health has become better, and we stop taking medications without completing the full course. However, you are not a doctor and you should not make such a big decision. Because of this serious mistake, the disease can return and all your efforts would go in vain.

Therefore, even if you notice improvements, be sure to complete the course of treatment. Only in this case, you can completely eliminate all the symptoms of the disease and be sure that it will not return. Even if the course gets completed, wait for your doctors’ approval to leave the medicine.


If you have visited a doctor and he prescribed treatment for you, you should follow this recommendation. It happens that we prefer homeopathic remedies to medicines, which are not always effective and bring the result that we expect.

Therefore, if the doctor wrote a prescription for you, you should not refuse treatment and self-medicate by choosing alternative medicines and homeopathic remedies. In some cases, such as slight pain in the stomach, you may use homeopathic remedies. But for serious health conditions, you must meet your doctor.

We mentioned some common mistakes made by many people, which make the medication ineffective. You must avoid them for recovering soon and staying healthy!

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