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E-Learning for Entry Test Preparation is What Students Need

The Best E-Learning App for Entry Test Preparation

Education is improving day by day. The ways of getting top-quality education have been meticulously increasing with each passing month and year. Hard Books are the one thing that have remained constant throughout centuries as a means of being a gateway to wonderful knowledge, and e-books are also available these days.

But, these days, in the era of online learning, learning via video lectures and online exercises has seen a great boon and many companies have blossomed from it. Companies like Lynda, Udemy, Skillshare, and Udacity really started from nowhere and are at the pinnacle of the industry. That gave birth to the idea of e-learning, a sort of portal where one could learn everything effectively without having to go to the classroom.

Such a boon in e-learning has not really been seen of late. There are not many good quality web-portals or even apps that can be used to learn those concepts which actually end up having a significant impact on the academic results of the students. University students can get the help of YouTube and other portals discussed above but the one key area, the biggest area where e-learning students really lacks is entry tests.

What is an Entry Test and what impact it has on students’ careers?

For those who are still not knowledgeable about the impact of a good entry test on a student’s career, we’ll explain it to you. Entry tests are known to be the gateway to the two major career options for students; Doctors and Engineers. It is a test conducted according to a specific syllabus. The majority of the test content is based on multiple-choice questions, so they’re quite tricky to attempt.

If a student passes the entry test, he sees a safe and secure way to have a good career while studying in high-end government universities or medical colleges by paying a fraction of what he would have to pay if he opts for a private institution for studying the same degree. So, the benefits of getting through the entry test are massive, to say the least for young, ambitious students.

But, tricky would be an understatement considering how difficult those tests really are. In order to ace the entry test, it takes months and months of extremely hard work and even then, a lot of people fail the test. Those living in the big cities can go and afford to pay over 70,000 rupees for an academy, while others who live in a smaller city and move to a bigger one to join an academy can end up paying at least 1,50,000 rupees in overall costs including the accommodation.

So, that is why there was a need for a very good e-learning portal where students can not only learn while sitting in the comfort of their home but also understand concepts in a meaningful way, which results in them securing very good scores in both the medical and the engineering entry test exams. There are some apps available but for entry test preparation, has become a lot popular among the students in the past two years and for all the right reasons. The content is to the point, user experience has been rated great and its really easy to use.

Advantages of an E-Learning App

There are several advantages of an e-learning app, which can be seen from an outside perspective by looking at several successful applications different countries. One big example of that is BYJU’S, the app which started from nowhere and is now the number one learning portal in a huge country like India. So, the importance of having a solid e-learning portal can never be denied. Here, we’ll discuss some advantages of why you should choose to study via an e-learning app.

  1. Take Lecture Any Number of Times

When you use an e-learning app, the biggest advantage is that you can watch lectures an unlimited number of times until you understand the required topic. In an academy, the lecture is delivered and that’s about it. Whether you understand the topic or not is not of importance to the teacher there in most cases as he cannot repeat the whole lecture. But, with the help of an e-learning app, you can re-watch the lecture videos over and over until you get a grip on the topic.

  1. Access to Updated Content

When you use an online e-learning app for learning, you always have access to updated content, which means that you can always get the latest knowledge according to modern demands. For example, if you purchased a course in 2016 and it is updated to 2020 standards, you don’t need to buy the course. You can have unlimited lifetime access. 

With an e-learning app, lecture videos are not the only thing you get. You get additional notes, quizzes, and assignments alongside videos. This results in increased scores and an overall very strong grip on all the topics covered, which also helps you in exams.

  • Information available everywhere where there is Internet

If you are not feeling well or cannot be there at the academy, you will lose all the content that is taught there forever by not being physically there at the spot. With an e-learning app, you can watch the videos and follow the content no matter where you are. All you need is a solid internet connection and you’re good to go.

Best App for Entry Test preparation

There are not many e-learning portals and apps available out there for students, which is really a pity. But, don’t get sad just yet! We have a solution for you if you want to both avoid the hassle of going to the academy and also pass your entry test. TopGrade was developed exactly to act as a means of helping students to pass their medical and engineering entry test exams by studying from home.

The main goal of TopGrade is to help students achieve outstanding scores in exams. TopGrade is a futuristic application developed exactly to give students the belief that they don’t just have to join any academy to have a shot at success. There are countless reasons which make TopGrade the ideal app for you, some of which are described below.

  1. Flexibility in choosing your mode of Study

We provide a recommended method of learning, which helps you to learn in the best possible way. But, if that way doesn’t suit you, you can create your custom mode of studying according to your schedule as well as liking. TopGrade gives you exactly what you want in the best way possible.

  1. Saves the hassle of Academy travels

When you acquire and use the services of TopGrade, you wouldn’t need to travel anywhere to collect any lectures or attend any classes. You can do everything while sitting at your home. This means you can save a lot of money on accommodation and travel, which is already quite difficult to manage for a student due to the limited financial resources most people have.

  1. No fear of losing Lectures or Notes

When you sign up and acquire TopGrade’s membership, you get access to all videos, lecture notes, quizzes, assignments and other helpful material. Once you sign up for our subscription, you get everything permanently, and there is no way you will lose lectures or notes. This mostly happens in academies when you don’t attend classes and everything goes away. That’s not the case here.

  1. You can save a lot of Money

Let’s suppose you reside in a small city with no good-quality academies. You have to travel to a bigger city to join an academy and get some accommodation there as well as pay for the academy fee. This means you will end up paying loads of money for both accommodations as well as academic dues. With TopGrade, you can save yourself from overpaying for academies as well as paying for accommodation, and you can do everything while staying at your home.

  1. Prepare for Multiple exams at a time

With the help of TopGrade, you are not limited to prepare for just a single entrance test exam. For example, for engineering, there are several tests conducted by various universities apart from ECAT. So, once you prepare for ECAT using our app, you are automatically ready for taking other entrance exams too, which is really helpful as that gives you plenty of options in choosing the right university for you.

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