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4 Famous Painting’s Hidden Stories That Will Make You Shock

The majority of men in the past had so many untold stories, others might be able to write and share or even paint it but not too long it was forgotten due to historical insignificance or perhaps it’s not that famous to be remembered. However, if we try to consider, the time period is not a reason to forget one’s work when it creates historical relevance and if it conveys a certain message that closely understands the past.

This article will provide the hidden meaning and background of some famous paintings like the Mona Lisa in 1503by Leonardo da Vinci and The Creation of Adam in 1512by Michelangelo, as we all know these are some of the great figures in the Renaissance period. They were the popular intellectual artists in their time through works of art in abstract paintings (for more information check out what is abstract art)

Mona Lisa’s Lips Took 12 Years To Paint

Mona Lisa is one of the interesting facts in history created by Leonardo da Vinci in the almost early 15th century. The subject is notably a portrait of the Florentine merchant’s wife. Knowingly, it is a highly recognized painting in history. And accordingly, one of the facts about this painting is that her lips lasted 12 years to finish.

This painting was sold to the King of France for four thousand gold crowns. It was assessed that in today’s worth it already reached 782 million from 100 million assessment value in 1962.

The Creation Of Adam

Michelangelo created this great painting around 1512 still in Renaissance, it inspired the Biblical story wherein God is giving life to Adam in the Book of Genesis, as Adam the first human.

Moreover, there is a certain interpretation that the robe that covers God is a human brain which was many believed that it’s the artist’s hidden assailment towards Church’s discourtesy for science. As recorded in history, the artist is also a professional anatomist who used to dissect cadavers thus it is totally possible.

Cafe Terrace At Night

This work was painted in 1888 by Vincent van Gogh who was born in Zundert, Netherlands. According to scholars, under the spotlight, it is a masterpiece that pays homage to The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. It was claimed that there were twelve diners and a server. Though the inspiration behind the painting was not vividly stated but based on the record the artist has said this “tremendous need for, shall I say the word – for religion”, from a letter for his brother.


All masterpieces and artworks surely had their stories beyond and the same goes with the artist who painted them. In a clear view, we could say that an artist created something because of the love of doing it, or shall we say he has a passion for it. And these so-called passions are shown in different forms and fields.

For instance, someone’s love toward sports, medicine, literature, and the like, thus he keeps on doing it for almost the rest of his life to make him happy and content.  Everything that one has the enthusiasm or vigor to do is called passion. However, there is quite a unique distinction when we say passion for painting, as we learn in the above discussion, these artists had their hidden stories and agenda behind their work.

They bring their passion to different levels not only to show how beautifully crafted their works were but indirectly reveal or show something which is beyond the ordinary eyes can see. But one thing is for sure, someone who is not in line with this passion would hardly see it. 

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