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Eliminate sleep disorders with hypnosis and ASMR

Anyone with insomnia tries everything to get rid of them. Tablets, yoga, meditation, homeopathic remedies or healthy sleep hygiene should help you sleep better. However, most of those affected cannot find a solution to their sleeping problem. Many fall asleep badly or keep waking up and are completely exhausted the next morning. In the long run, this is not healthy for the organism, because humans need sleep. During sleep, things of the day are processed mentally and the body can come to rest.

The circling thoughts

Constant tension, stress and lack of time ensure that our thoughts do not stand still. Fatigue does not help that the thoughts disappear. And this perplexity in the head triggers that the night’s sleep is disturbed. The fact that we don’t have time to think about everyday life means that we postpone it until the evening hours. True to the motto: “I’ll think about it in bed tonight”. Who is surprised if we sleep badly then? When we go to sleep, this time should only be used for this reason.

The self-made program

We want to control everything, including our concerns and needs. Those who let themselves fall asleep give up this control. This can also cause us to suffer from sleep disorders. Those who stay awake stay in control. Rewriting this program is sometimes difficult.

Hypnosis and ASMR

Anyone struggling with sleep disorders knows how difficult it can be to find appropriate methods that are helpful. The subconscious mind can be reached with hypnosis. And this is where your own rules, programs and guiding principles are stored. There is probably also a ban here that the mind comes to rest at night. With hypnosis it is possible to overwrite these rules or to reformulate them. The old information is overwritten and its effectiveness is reduced. Then it is possible that body, mind and soul can relax completely.

Hypnosis is interesting if it can also be combined with other helpful elements. ASMR (= Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is currently a real trend and wonderfully suited for integration into hypnosis. If ASMR is used in combination with hypnosis, the customer hears a spoken hypnosis text that is whispered. In addition, various acoustic stimuli are installed, which ensure that there is a static tingling sensation on the skin. These acoustic sensory stimuli ensure extremely deep relaxation, which in combination with hypnosis can lead to remarkable results.

Further triggers can be the following acoustic stimuli. calm voices

  • Stroking hands
  • Smacking or clicking
  • Noises with brushes
  • Run fingers over clothing

In addition to sounds that trigger pleasant feelings, visual triggers are also at the top of the popularity scale. It is particularly popular to watch how:

  • other people paint or draw
  • someone unpacks a package
  • someone combs another person’s hair or yourself
  • someone applies makeup or nail polish to himself or another person

Countless ASMR videos can be found online and new variants are added every day. Meditative instructions and conversation texts are only part of it. The use of ASMR is particularly interesting for sleep disorders or panic attacks. There have also been reports of miraculous achievements in anxiety, melancholy, insecurity and sadness. The classic ASMR trigger describes the gentle narration in a whisper. Hypnosis in combination with ASMR can be a very effective way to eliminate sleep problems in the long term.

Further information: Spiritual Hypnotherapy and ASMR method in Düsseldorf

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