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Brexit Causes Mysimba Medication Delays

For patients currently using the prescription medicine Mysimba, Brexit and logistics issues in the supply chain have resulted in a national shortage of the medication with no supplies available in the UK, hitting all clinics and pharmacies across the county. 

This has left patients without their medication when they need a repeat prescription.

The weight loss medication Mysimba is used to help manage weight loss on a prescription-only basis, however many suppliers are struggling to provide patients with the service they need due to these supply issues.

PrivateDoc have managed these delays by using their innovative treatment plans & app which allows them to understand where a patient is in their medication cycle so that they can manage their repeat prescriptions. Whilst they too have been affected by the delays, the PrivateDoc patient portal app has allowed them to manage communications with patients and prioritise those who need their subscription soonest first.

Managing Director Paul Marshall says: “Whilst we have been affected by the UK market issue regarding Mysimba, our innovative technology has allowed us to manage our patients’ treatment plans & keep them informed. We have been fortunate as we are able to proactively manage the demand of repeat prescriptions via the tech within our app.”

For some companies, the additional time in the supply chain as stock is delayed entry to the UK can leave patients mid-treatment and unable to get a repeat prescription quickly enough to ensure a smooth continuation of treatment.

PrivateDoc have been updating their patients daily on the expected arrival of medications and have ensured all their patients have been informed on how to safely pause treatment if necessary.

Mysimba is a very effective weight loss medication and for patients who adapt well to the treatment, these shortages have not been well-timed. The good news is that even with a break in treatment patients can resume their medication and maintain good habits.


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