5 ways professional data cabling can save you money

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, so too does the cost of doing business.

Finding ways to be more efficient, reduce expenditure and improve profitability are paramount for survival.

But sometimes it’s necessary to spend money to make money. And one of the most frugal areas to spend the budget right now is on your cabling system.

Wondering how paying a professional to sort wiring out can be money well spent, especially in times of such austerity?

Allow us to explain…

How data cabling can boost business 

1.     Save money on repairs and maintenance

If there’s a problem, it needs fixing – and fast.

With professional data cabling installation, cables will be organised and accessible. This allows for quick and easy access, reducing the disturbance and expense of a call out to fix any problems and ensuring that ongoing maintenance can be carried out with minimal disturbance – helping to prevent issues before they occur.

2.     Future proof

One of the biggest challenges for a business is predicting growth.

You don’t want to finance a solution that is outgrown by your business in a matter of months, nor do you want to finance more than is necessary right now.

With a professional data cabling installation, systems are designed to last. By this we mean, a cabling network that is easy to scale up – or down – and that is capable of growing with the needs of a business.

Not only is this more cost-effective, but it also means that systems are primed and ready – avoiding costly delays or disruption should expansion be required at a later date.

3.     Keep staff and customers happy

Lost data and slow unreliable connections are bad for business. Not only do they compromise service, but they can harm reputation.

It’s not just customers who are affected though. The effects of poor cabling can also be hugely frustrating for staff.

With fast and efficient systems, not only will staff output be maximised, but morale and motivation will be given a boost too – and a happy workforce is a productive workforce.    

4.     Ensure safety

In 2021/22 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recorded more than 1.8 million people suffering from a work-related illness. 914,000 of these were reported as work-related stress, depression, or anxiety.

And a key stress trigger in the workplace? Equipment and systems not working properly.

Add to this the fact that slips and trips are responsible for more than a third of all reported major injuries in the workplace – costing employers with lost production, sickness pay and liability claims – and it soon becomes evident that investing in safe, secure, and reliable cabling is a wise investment.

5.     Avoid additional expense

Make the mistake of thinking DIY cabling is a more economical way to tackle the problem and further costs can quickly be encountered.

A botched job will incur further costs, not to mention delays and disruptions, as time is spent rectifying errors.

The risk of getting it wrong and exposing the business to all manner of problems – fire and safety risks, data leaks, poor connections, wiring unable to sustain increased demand, this list goes on and surely isn’t worth it.  

Start saving today

With the potential to increase efficiency and save money, invest in the future of your business with professional data cabling installation.

Offering commercial data cabling design and structured cabling systems, with a renowned installer you can be confident of an installation configured around your business needs – and budget!

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