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A Pain Relief Device That Fits Any Bag

Back pain is a very common problem that tends to interfere with the personal and work life of an individual. The lingering pain, stiffness and discomfort can be excruciating. But thanks to The YoBack, you now have a satisfying and easy pain relief that fits in any bag!

A modern reinvention of the wheel, The YoBack is a one of a kind 3-piece wheel for aiding back pain. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and portable back pain devices available in the market today. All you need to do is spare 5–10 minutes from your busy schedule and free yourself from the pains and aches of daily life through posture improvement, muscle building and relaxation.

Versatility and portability are two features that make the device stand out from all other similar products in the market. A working individual generally spends about 2000 hours on outdoor work each year, which is a lot of time spent outside the house. Nevertheless, traditional workout accessories like foam rollers, lumber stretchers and yoga wheels are solely designed for indoor usage.

The YoBack is a compact piece of equipment that can be easily stored in your backpack, at your home or in the office. It is extremely handy even when you are travelling. Long haul flights can be excruciating, cramped in a tiny seat, with your legs dangling down for hours at a stretch. The YoBack can be adjusted under your seat or in the overhead bins to offer easy stretching on a plane.

The YoBack comprises 3 primary parts called YoBlocks and 2 sets of YoFeet. This design gives you several ways to ease your discomfort. Connecting the YoFeet add-ons transforms every YoBlock into a standalone system with no restrictions. It has been designed to align perfectly with the natural curvature of your spine, ankles and neck that provides pain relief in a matter of minutes. So, if you are crunched for time, you can perform a soothing stretch while you prepare your cup of morning tea!

Backaches and other back issues are often a result of impending tightness in certain areas of your body. The versatility of YoBack helps to dissipate tension from your entire body and provides life-altering results for your health. Moreover, using the equipment regularly can help improve your posture impressively.

So, why should you choose the YoBack when you can seek professional help through therapy sessions like physiotherapy, chiropractors and messages? Well, for starters, these alternative therapies can get really expensive, both in terms of money and time. An average trip to a chiropractor will cost you about $65 per session, which adds up to $3,380 for 52 weeks. That is a lot of money! The YoBack is available at a pocket-friendly one-off cost of $79 (£59), which gives you an approximate annual savings of $3,301 (£2,401). So, adding to the portability and versatility of the equipment, it is economic as well.

The device comes ready to use straight from its box. Start by using the YoBlocks as a neck and lumbar stretch first to get the pressure right and then move on to building the 3 pieces. Maintain your posture while you work or place it under your desk to stretch out your legs; it works wonders for your body.

It is sustainable, strong, lightweight and portable. A non-slip rubber mat, locking system, and antibacterial durable cork mat add to its charm.

We tend to spend more than 6.5 hours seated in our chairs daily. More than often, our posture is unhealthy, leading to backaches in the near future. Back pain has been cited as the primary cause of worldwide disability. 
Choose not to be a part of this statistic. Sometimes it is wise to be a part of the minority. Make the YoBack a lifestyle choice for your long-term well-being.


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